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yet another new bike thread - '03 1200s bandit

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by boz, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Hello all. Haven't been around for ages (perhaps 2 years...) but finally came around again a few weeks ago as I was looking for info on a new bike for me. My old one (now sold) was a yamaha yzf750r, and while a great bike (and most definitely a future classic imho) I wanted something a bit newer and a better commuter. My needs:

    - decent power:weight
    - decent handling (I don't push a bike to the max, so decent is sufficient)
    - prefer non-full faired (simply because I like servicing, and this just saves a lot of time)
    - about 5 years old, low k's

    That last one may be a bit strange to some... However, I like working on the bike myself and if it was a newer bike than that I would feel obligated to get it serviced properly and maintain formal service records (rather than my own little log-book). So there were my requirements. I narrowed the search to the hornet 900 or bandit 1200s.

    I test rode both. Liked them both. I actually found the bars on the hornet a bit wide, but perhaps that is just because I felt exposed without any fairing. I didn't notice anything wrong with the bandit except screen vibration between 4-6k revs which doesn't bother me when I wear my earplugs. I read the reviews on both bikes here, and the only con I saw was front end doesn't feel comfortable on the bandit, but i haven't felt that.

    In the end though the bandit got me simply because of the part fairing. (Images forthcoming - for now a link http://tinyurl.com/5szgx4 --> works won't let me upload images. "Personal storage websites are not available")

    So that is my new bike. I am a very happy rider even though I have only put on 300 km's since I bought it on Saturday. I am looking forward to this bike - I have been reading up on it since then and apparently there is a lot of fun little tweaks / mods that can be done to this bike (all for a reasonable cost).


    p.s. hopefully will be around more often too! Look forward to catching up with all those that I know.
  2. what is this crap?


    i dont want links :p

    congrats on the new bike mate :grin:
  3. Congrats, man - you have, of course, made the only possible correct decision of which bike to get!
  4. Congrats, nice bike mate....I seriously like the Bandit :)
  5. Very nice, enjoy!
  6. great looking bike - and definately the best and fastest colour! :LOL:
  7. I have to agree with you. It is the perfect bike for me... I'm amazed at how quickly I have become comfortable on it.

    And easy to keep clean (at least looking clean).