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Yet another "new bike" for a fresh lams rider.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rhys84au, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, 28 yr old male in brisbane here, basicaly spot on 6ft tall. 90-95kgs (yeh i float in that range)

    I have trawled these forums and read alot of reviews and stuff of varying lams approved bikes out there so iam not 100% blind as to whats out there.

    first off i would like to say the vast bulk of my riding will be about a 20k round trip to work and the gym every day on general main roads (if anybody knows the logan city area) however i do head upto a mates place in gladstone every 6 - 8 weeks and would like the bike to be comfortable and capable of handling that ride nicely.(and maybe just maybe a multi day trip to melbourne and back if possible? once.)

    at first i thought a cruiser would be the way to go, stylish, comfortable ect. but then i spoke to a couple of different dealers that said that the cruiser wouldnt be the optimum bike for the distance rides as the cruisers tend to sit you more upright than a tourer and because of less travel on the rear shock youll feel more of the bumps in the road, ontop of this (although negated by a screen) you will have that wind blowing in your face the entire trip.

    instead i was shown er6nl, gsx650f(u? the lams variant anyway) ninja 650rl and also hyosung sports and the tourer.

    i was told best bang for buck would be the last 2 iterations of hyosungs, and from what i have read on the net it seems to be the case that the last 2 models have been really good. however iam put off a little by hyosung as i would like to ride the bike after my restrictions for about another 12 months to really solidify my riding ability and also not worry about refinancing so quickly to get the next bike and the resale would drop fairly sharply, however bonus on the pricing is that i can quite easily have repayed a brand new hyosung within 2 years. the others closer to 3. also the dealer was telling me the hyosungs stand amongst the most powerful in the lams category so should see me more happy than most lams bikes for longer power wise.

    the er6nl iam not a fan of as iam not really keen on that semi/naked look a buddy of mine rides the unrestricted version so ive seen one plenty.

    ninja 650rl, absoloute stunner of a bike, i knew this to be the bike i wanted the second i had seen it... however after doing some reading on the net its come up that the bike is very very underpowered for a lams bike and thus the longer trips would prolly be garbage on the bike?

    the gsx650f... i have only viewed this online and havent gotten down to physicaly see one but from what i have read on these very forums this bike might be my best potential choice. although a bit heavy overall the power and comfort are supposedly top notch? what does put me off is i keep hearing mention of no fuel gauge? and i think no gear indication? whilst the gear indication is not a must have feature for me, it would have been nice for that initial "getting to know my bike" phase.

    so, i have a budget of 10k to grab bike and gear(ill negotiate for a deal on saving some $$ on gear at time of purchase). have i overlooked something out there?

    i think my main stress is that whilst iam not worried about smashing someone off the line i do want a bike that will accelerate decently and wont be having a heart failure doing highway speed limits and maybe pulling a bit more when i do decide to open it up just a tad more (overtaking ect) so its important to remember i guess that i really am not interested in how fast i get somewhere.. as long as its comfortable, looks hot, and will be able to do speed limits quite happily.

    damn that ninja.. so nice.. but just stressed about that power output making the bike struggle on the longer trips.

    so, did i miss any bikes? anything you can point out about the above bikes for the type of riding i plan on? ease my issues on any of them?

    edit; infact iam not interested in screaming a bike along the highway so much that i may push 3years on a restricted if it can do the above.

    edit 2; i do realise i can derestrict the ninja/hyosung quite easily however iam not really interested in voiding insurance, drop in resalability, registrations issues as it seems from what ive read its next to impossible to derestrict and have rego updated/insurance even on your open licence because you have modded the bike? if i knew i could do what i want comfy ont he ninja, then in 12 months derestrict and easily change rego/insurance i would probably be 100% sold as i could easily get 5 years out of that bike then and resale after that wouldnt be such an issue.
  2. I'd go the ninja, a bloke at work has one and loves it... as for speed and accel etc... he recently got done doing 160km/h+ so I really don't see that being an issue (he did derestrict his.)

    I think you have to remember with a bike the acceleration well generally be quite good, I have a 250 ninja and recently rode from sunnycoast to Toowoomba (about 3 hours each way) and I had no issues at all with over taking or sitting at 100-115km/h for the majority of the trip and that's the 250. A bike is so much lighter it really isn't that hard to overtake or use the acceleration when needed.

    And boy does the 650 Ninja look good!

  3. thanks for the reply :)

    yeh 160km/h is def not needed lol. i mean i plan on sticking to the limits ect so 110 is what i need but knowing i could pull a bit more if/when needed would be nice. the days of wanting to throw something around super quick and go like a bat out of hell died when i was 19 (bad car accident, friend driving) so, speed limits are fine by me lol.
  4. i wouldnt worry about the power on any of those bikes
    ive been on a vtr250 for over 2 years and im 6'4 100kg
    sure i struggle overtaking in some places but i reckon its more fun riding a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. i still flog my mate round the twisties on his cbr1000 and can filter traffic way easier. power isnt everything especially when your learning how to ride.
  5. i've got a '11 hyo 650r. have had the bike for about 9 months and the only issue i had was last week, where my rear ignition coil shit itself.
    other than that, the bikes been running great. it has good torque low down, from about 3.5k revs all the way to the red line.
    i haven't ridden mine past about 7krevs, but a mate of mine deretricted his.

    As far as i know, the Hyo can be legally derestricted and registered as a non lams bike, but you would loose money.
    The above was confirmed by a lady at the RTA, her friend ride a hyo as well.

    that being said, i'm given a loan bike till monday, when i can go and pick mine up.
    Its a yamaha scorpio. its a single cylinder 225. it feels underpowered to me, but is heaps of fun to ride!!

    Edit: i'm 6'1 and weigh between 85-90kgs
  6. Ninja for sure. I would love one. Trying to convince my gf to get one just so I can steal it.
  7. Like the old adage,

    "it's not the size of the dog in the fight,
    It's the size of the fight in the dog"
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  8. Ride as many as you can. Buy the one you like the most. Simple.
  9. Honda CB400
    Yamaha FZ6R and XJ6SL (restricted)
  10. Hi Rhys,

    If your main goal is a hot looking lams bike, I think the ninja is the way to go. This makes sense especially if you plan on keeping it past your restriction period.

    I got to tell you, i don't think that will happen. It doesn't take long for you to get a bit bored of LAMS bikes and want to move on (and that's during your LAMS restriction period)

    Just my opinion but you could save yourself a bit of a small fortune by also trying out a gs500F for example. You can pick one up for mid 5K. I don't ride a GS500F by the way, and only suggest it as I know it fits your criteria. Stash the cash away for your next bike, you'll have a much wider choice when you are off restrictions.

    I reckon as previous posters have suggested ride as many as you can, because although how the bike looks might interest you now, how the bike feels is what you'll end up going for.

    Good luck
  11. pro motorcycles let me know in an email today that they had the 2012 bikes in stock and available. so at first i was dead keen although rrp was left out of that convo :p i could be pushed a little beyond my 10k limit as that was a number off top of the head. Iam 28 in january and have 0 debt.. kind of wierd tbh when i compare myself to my friends lol

    Idealy i want to ride whatever i buy until at least my 30th, then ill get myself a bigger nastier 30th present to myself.

    but iam thinking it over and whilst i may still buy one (2012)iam def going to be looking at suggestions such as the gsx650fu, the gs500f and 2010/2011 ninjas.
  12. get a second hand one imo. especially with lams bikes there is a big turnover of bikes so you shouldnt have trouble finding a good one for a lot less than a 2012 one. save your money for gear, courses, services, upgrade
  13. yeh been thinking about it while i was having a run.

    most of the people i know are the older riders, 50+ years old. got a couple of mates that ride but thats it.

    now if i ask one of my mates they tell me "250's are pretty sweet" but the oldies are "gah they will chew the fuel at a guy weighing 90kgs and struggle"

    is that the case with the newer stuff ie 2009+ ? would a 5-6 hour gladstone run be quite fine on a 250 sitting at 110? or would it be the struggle they claim and burn fuel requiring 3 fuel stops on the way?

    i hadnt really considered the 250s at all but thought i would throw it out there as a potential hyo/cbr/ninja 250 from 2009-2011
  14. Have you had a look at the CB400? Great bike, good spread of power. at 80kgs it definitely has great pull. Much heavier, taller people than myself rave about it also, and some argue it's the best LAMS bike. Definitely give it a look (test ride).

    There are all sorts of windscreens available for touring as well.
  15. I started off on a VT400 - and by started, I mean I bought one in September this year. It's heavy (255Kg) and it's like riding a whale :p

    So that got me thinking...I took a CB400 out a few weeks ago and fell in love with its light steering input, easy manoeuvrability and its seating position.

    I've just sold the VT400 to a returning rider and ordered a CB400.

    My advice: look at & sit on as many different bikes as possible. And when you've found "the one" - check and recheck that it's right for you!


  16. You mention the 250's, A friend came on a 2500k trip with us a while back on a 250 Ninja.
    She kept up with us (110 - 120) & with an 18L tank, got a range of around 400km!
    I borrowed that same bike after mine got written off, gangs of fun through the twisties!!! (just gotta make them rev, but they love it!)
    So the 250 or your original idea of the 650 ninja would both be a good choice, although I'd go the 650. Can never have enough power!! (y)
    Being a noob, I would suggest getting a second hand bike though. You're bound to drop it, even in the driveway! Doesn't hurt as much as a new bike!
    Happens to all of us. My Z 'fell over' as I stopped & the front wheel was on a rock in a dirt driveway.
    Couldn't stop it going down. Result, scratched shroud & the bike was 1 month old,,,Ouch! Still hurts when I look at it. :(
  17. If you are brand new to biking, get a little 250 something...2nd hand or over 2 yrs you will lose a heap of dosh for nothing. Should be easy to pick up a baby ninja with reasonably low k's and in good nick.

    If you do have some previous experience with bikes then get a larger framed and more stable bike. It handle the visits to your mates place far more easily, and still commute well.
  18. id go the ninja, i have a 250 and havnt had any problems and i find it comfortable enough, i can ride it for a few hours with no soreness.