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Yet another MLC newb from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by zhuk, May 8, 2016.

  1. G'day everyone,

    I've made a couple of hit n' run postings here so far, but thought I should do a proper introduction. As the header says, I'm a one of the seemingly fair number making up the Mid-life-crisis contingent (turning 49 in a couple of weeks), although I figured I'd got that out of my system when I took up pistol & rifle shooting 6 years ago. Yeah, apparently not! lol

    So far I've racked up one whole hour of bike-time! with HART in a private lesson last Friday, admittedly not the way most people go but the idea of a max 7hrs total exp in the pre-learners and then you're potentially let loose in the wild on the public road system...well I dunno it seems a bit premature to me heh. And not being a manual car driver either, I'd rather have the basics at least sorted first. A lot to remember at once which I guess is the same with learning anything new, but I've been going over "throttle off/ clutch in/squeeze both brakes" as a mantra ever since :p As a lightweight & relative shortarse (53kg/170cm) I didn't know what to expect, but hey at least I didn't drop the bike lol which I take a bit of heart from. So here starts the large learning curve...and glad to be here (on a more formal basis now) with all you guys at NR :)

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  2. G'day and welcome, zhukzhuk.

    My goodness, another pistol & rifle shooter who's also taken up motorcycling - there's quite a few members here who all share the same interests. I know what you mean regarding minimum motorcycle licencing requirements to get on the road. Your confidence will be the better for a bit of quality instruction time before riding on-road.

    Do you have a motorcycle or are you looking for one at the moment?
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  3. Cheers for the welcome XJ6N :)

    You mean there's a swag of us armed-up riders here? Hmmmm should I be worried :eek: Then again not much room on a bike for a .303 lol

    Hey I appreciate your confirmation on the requirements question mate; the HART instructor admitted he believed it was woefully inadequate as well, and mentioned they might get 3 or 4 people stumping up for private lessons in a 5 month period - the rest just jump in and hope for the best. Maybe its just because I'm more cautious (read: old lol)

    As far as bikes go, I've been strongly considering the little TU250 - like the standard postion, and its got an old-bike style I prefer (nothing against plastic, but hey all my rifles are milsurps so I appreciate that oldschool look)

    YES it might be the bike equivalent of a sewing-machine (both in sound and output lol) but I reckon it would be a good fit...I've sat on one, controls and mirrors are well-positioned, and flat-footing it is no issue. FI is a plus. Only thing is where I am atm is bloody hilly and the driveway is a right bastard, even in a car heh

    Pics here

    The knocking knees of a learner
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  4. Ha, you, and me too. I went and got my Learner rider licence during a work lunch break in mid-2014. I live in regional NSW so once I'd passed the knowledge test and paid the fee I was, in the eyes of the RMS and police, ready to start riding. I decided to travel to do the pre-Learner rider course. I'd ridden agricultural and trail bikes up until about '99 but hadn't sat on a motorcycle since.

    With a combination of the pre-Learner course, previous riding experience and a few rides around the quiet local area I was reasonably well-prepped for daily riding. It's no doubt more difficult in metropolitan areas where traffic density means the stakes are higher for new riders. Good on you for protecting your safety and confidence and doing some extra training.

    The Suzuki TU250 is a great-looking motorcycle!


    It'll be easy to handle and economical too. It's nice they have fuel injection, I didn't know that.

    That driveway of yours! It reminds me of the driveway at one of the places I lived in Sydney when growing up. It'll be fine for the bike but a good pressure-wash or hose and stiff-bristled broom scrub to get rid of any slippery moss or leaves is a good idea.
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  5. welcome aboard :)
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  6. Howdy and welcome to NR zhukzhuk! Well, now your MLC is complete, you can't stop at pistol and rifle target shooting without getting on a bike. At least I couldn't :sneaky:

    XJ6NXJ6N is correct, there are quite a few of us on here who enjoy combining these two pastimes, so you are definitely not alone (y) I joined local pistol club and got my handgun and then long arm licence 3 years ago, and last year I got my ticket to ride.

    Have fun making friends with your TU250, it is a lovely bike! Your driveway looks very interesting though :wideyed::nailbiting:
    Btw, why Zhuk? Can I call you Beetle?
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  7. Ha, thanks for the vote of confidence mate :)

    You sound like you were definitely well sorted to start with - and no city driving too must be a relief, of sorts.

    Sydney traffic is a bit of a nightmare now, way different from when I got my car licence in 1983...second time I drove a car it was over the Harbour Bridge - yeah don't think I'd be doing that now lol

    Thanks too for the vote of confidence on the rediculous driveway; I did think the bike would have no issues, just my ability to control it as a complete newb I'd have more doubts about. But talking from a position of practically nil experience here, maybe I'm jumping the gun on that judgement.

    The TU does look classic doesn't it...like what I think of when I see the word "motorcycle" :)
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  8. Welcome to the forum.
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  9. Yes, and despite the subjective nature of these things I have to agree, it's a motorcyclist's motorcycle. I'll get all superlative if I keep going.

    I think similarly about the BMW R Nine T...

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  10. If you like that classic look, there are plenty of choices out there if you grow out of the Suzuki.

    Kawasaki W800, Triumph Bonneville, Ducati Scrambler (?), Moto Guzzi V7, Royal Enfield.
    Not to mention actual classic bikes

    Al the best, mate.
  11. Welcome zhukzhuk, there's a few of us MLC/Shooters/Bikies on this forum (y)(y), the TU250 is certainly a classic look, if that "tickles ya pickle" then go grab one
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  12. Welcome zhukzhuk, the TU was on SibiSibi's short list when she was looking at bikes.
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  13. Hi zhukzhuk Welcome, nice looking bike :)
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  14. Hey, good to hear I'm not completely alone on this combination then!

    bike & minigun. :)

    A couple of miniguns for Sydney traffic? Hmmmm lol

    re my nick zhuk...simply put I have a long and abiding interest in Russia (think Marshal Zhukov) and an almost unhealthy number of Russian firearms :) lol
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  15. Can I commute behind you?
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  16. Thanks for the welcomes, 69SIM and Sibi :)

    Honestly I haven't seen a bike I like the look of better...not many naked bikes with a standard position which have that style. And the specs add up too.

    What did you end up deciding on Sibi, if it wasn't the TU?
  17. I went with the ninja 300, totally different look, but 69SIM69SIM convinced me at the time (pre learner) that once I was a proficient rider I would quickly tire of the lack of power in the TU and have trouble keeping up during longer rides. It was also more expensive for less bike.
    I absolutely love my ninja and have no regrets buying it over the TU. Having said that I will always love the classic looking bikes, a Ducati scrambler is on my dream list as well as a triumph street twin BUT now I am used to that slightly forward leaning position I find myself wanting sporty bikes with fairings too......please somebody help me:banghead:
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  18. Great to hear (y)! I was "made in USSR" and had my first shooting practice with AK-47 at school many moons ago. Looking at your name I thought you might be familiar with the language, but I'll think of you as an honorary compatriot, comrade Zhuk :happy:
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  19. Cheers for the welcome, GeorgeO :)

    Know what you mean, XJ6N...no point trying to break it down further, huh. And that is one nice looking bike!
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  20. Sure :) Ride backup with an M60 and it's a plan!