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Yet another member!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Brother Dave, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. While I am new to this forum I have been riding for a long time...it started in the 70's...
    Current rides a a BMW R1100RS for those long cruisey rides and a Honda NT650 Bros for those fun rides up through the mountains and as I live in NE Vic we are blessed with some of the countrys best roads (and meanest cops;-) ).
    I have found forums brilliant as I do nearly all my own work and have rebuilt a few bikes in the garage, this area qualifies as a man cave I,m told, but it is still just the garage here.
    I have managed to pass on my passion for motorcycles to my 19 yo son and he is concentrating his efforts off road at the moment which suits me fine as the skills learnt there make a much more competent road rider able to handle all those fun challenges of white lines in the wet and oil drips at the lights etc.
    Hopefully I will be able to help a few with their little hassles as much as I will.

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  2. Welcome. Can't wait to soke up some of ur knowledge and experience. I'm pretty junior both to riding and NR.
  3. welcome aboard :]
  4. Welcome Brother, Tell us, what is your favorite 400km ride from there?
    I'll bet you would like Corryong to Omeo sealed?
  5. G'day DaveDave, welcome to Netrider.
  6. Welcome to NR