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Yet another Melbourne noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Exportswede, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Hi,
    Thought I might introduce myself, now that I've been lurking around the forums for a bit.
    I'm Carolina, a Swedish import living in Melbourne for a while now.

    Got my Ls from Stay Upright in Hoppers Crossing less than a month ago, and so far I've been zooming around the back streets of Clifton Hill/Abbotsford on a friend's VTR 250 (he doesn't ride much, and I want to, so that all worked out fine).

    Looking at buying my own bike sometime soon, but haven't really decided on anything yet. So far, I've been thinking about a GSF250 or perhaps a CB250F, mainly because they're pretty neat bikes and I've heard good things.

    So yeah, hoping to meet some like minded people who might fancy going on an L-plate friendly ride occasionally. :)

  2. Welcome, I have a GSF250 and quite enjoy it for a bit of fun. Think they would be a decent bike to learn on if your prepared to put up with having to wait for parts from time to time.
  3. Yeah, they sound like a sweet bike, based on reading a bunch of reviews (and harassing Bandit-owners and riders with lots of questions). I could probably survive waiting for parts, if it came to that. :lurking:
  4. Welcome.. The VTR250 is an ideal bike to learn on. Lightweight, nimble, and good looking to boot. Just buy your friends bike (y)

  5. If only he'd be willing to part with it!
    It's a great bike though, very forgiving when it comes to newbie clutch control and terribly throttle manoeuvres. :)
  6. Welcome Carolina, Grab the friend's VTR and come down to Saturday morning practice. Lots of good people there to learn from and talk to. Generally there is an afternoon ride that leaves from Saturday practice that is learner friendly and goes through some nice roads.
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  7. Thanks!
    I've already sorted someone to ride down with me on Saturday, so here's hoping the weather won't be too terrible.
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  8. Welcome to NR...

    +100 to the sat prac...just an awesome place and and an awesome bunch of awesome people there.
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  9. Welcome chickie


  10. Here I was hoping that everyone had forgotten that crappy song. No such luck. =D
  11. welcome aboard lots of fun to be had here & are you hot.

    I will leave the Swedish meatballs references to @Uncle Greg@Uncle Greg, @Gurbachen@Gurbachen, @dannytb, or some other nutcase in 3... 2... 1...
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  12. This place is an increasing source of despair :LOL:

    Welcome Sweet Carolina....
  13. shouldn't that be "sauce" of despair
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  14. Welcome Carolina,don't worry about Uncle he is a great Guy when you get to know him,give as good as you get he likes that:)
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  15. This is why we can't have nice things...:(
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  16. The shit has already hit the fan. I can hear the thunking now....
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  17. Wow.

    First Shaggy and then hot Swedish meatballs.
    Damn. What's next, the chef from the muppets?

    Also, am I hot? Of course I am, I'm Swedish after all. ;-)
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  18. Since you mention it...

    Shouldn't that be "sauce of dis pear"?

    Prepared by the Swedish Chef, of course... ;)
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