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yet another key problem {moved to technical and troubleshooting, please take care where you post}

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattizie, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, long time lurker here, waiting for my suspension to end so I can join you all on the group rides again.

    Anyway, just moved my bike to my new place. And somewhere in transport I lost the only key for it (was on trailer).

    There are a lot of posts about this, I know because I've checked.

    But what I'd like to know is if the ignition lock is different to the seat lock for a 1999 Honda CBR 600F4?
    I was just going to take the seat lock to the locksmith, but he said it may be different to the ignition lock (would like to avoid removing that!).

    anyone have any knowledge or experiences to add? cheers :)
    and hopefully see you in 28days,12hours,48mins!
  2. Re: yet another key problem

    also, does a 1999 cbr600f have 'HISS'? cheers
  3. If you only had one key it must have been the same otherwise how did you get under the seat.

    Google the specs and it will tell you about Hiss.
  4. I have been doing lots of research. found this: http://www.600rr.net/vb/showthread.php?t=116442

    There is only one key, but I think that the seat/fuel tank only has 5 tumblers, but the ignition has 6. so one that works in the seat will not work in the ignition.

    I was hoping someone could confirm this before shelling out money for a locksmith and ending up with nothing :(

    thanks for the reply :)
  5. Ok fair enough, hopefully someone will have done it.
  6. Re: yet another key problem

    I believe 2000 model onwards had HISS. The surround on the keyhole will have a label saying HISS if it is on the model. There will also be a light that says HISS alongside it in the instrument cluster.

    Seeing as though you can't ride it, take the Ignition Key Barrel out and take that to the locksmith. That way they can make sure it works. Admittedly this is more complex, the bolts holding it in are shear bolts so once tightened the head shears off as a security measure. You would need to drill them out, or tap them out.
  7. Hi everyone, just posting this for future reference;

    Had a locksmith fix up the key today. He called up to tell me that he checked and found that my bike does have HISS. But lucky for me I had the owners manual that detailed which versions of the bike have it. Australia and NZ don't.

    After alot of mucking around, finally got a key working, and fired her up.

    Set me back $165 total.

  8. so what he actually did was try to scam you out of heaps of money by telling you it had HISS when it didnt, on your specific bike he had infront of him.

    Probably want to find a new guy
  9. Take both keys to a decent locksmith. He will tell you if he can cut the same key out of both...to fit both.
    Pretty positive the 99 didn't have hiss.....was it the new shape in 01 that got it?? Actually they ran out both from memory..The F4i and RR not sureif the last of the F4's got it.
    But yeah take your key in. If he cant I would say old mate has lost the key and put a new ignition barrel in it.
    If it annoys you that much go buy a key and barrel set off a wrecker. Bout two hours work fitting