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Yet another 'Hello'

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by chipa, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Hi all, long time lurker, just posted a reply and thought "crap, first post, maybe I should say Hi in the right place too"

    So here I am...

    32yr old, recent convert from dirt to road, stolen my brothers cbr250rr while learning the differences in style.

    I'm a motorsport nut, currently race go karts (no nothing like hire karts) and drag my car down the quarter. So within time, hopefully there will be some 2 wheel track day action happening..

    Thats it for now :)
  2. welcome :D you'll fit in wonderfully around here.

    i love go karting! haven't done it in a few years, though...

    we'll go for a ride soon

    :) holly
  3. Hello Chipa - Welcome along.

    I raced hire carts for a while and it's quite fun. I was also pit crew for a twin super 200 sprintkart, and got to drive (not race) it a few times. You're right - the difference is pretty big.

    Coming from dirt to tar you have one huge advantage - you already know how to ride a bike. All you have to learn now is to be tidy and to put it all together.

    You're going to love it.
  4. Thanks KD,

    Yeh a lot of people don't realise the difference between hire and 'real' karts. I just tell them in a hire kart they might pull 1G MAX around a corner whereas we pull 3-3.5G's. When I add that up for them and let them know they would weigh 200-250kg's (sideways) they tend to realise the gap in levels.

    The main thing I've found (Been riding it 1-2 times a week at worst for 6 months) is the difference in steering, especially jumping onto a sports bike with totally different posture. I probably would be more at home on a motard, but this thing hasn't cost me anything so why argue :)
  5. Oh yeh and twin supers, or Super 200's, I drove one once, hot damn that was fun. They are faster than 125cc 6 speed gearbox karts. Did that around our sprint kart track, I think (guestimate at the time) I was hitting 150-160 compared to our normal 100-110 in our 125cc (non gearbox) karts.
  6. The first time I jumped in it, I had a slightly hotted 202 bomb-a-dore, which went ok. We synced carbs at wide open - obviously - and one was not fully closing. It accelerated harder with my foot right off the pedal than my car did at full noise. Blipping it to try and shut it just lit the rears up. After a couple of laps, with temp up, it'd pin my head back and I couldn't pull it forward. The chin piece was blocking my view. I ride a ZX14 and it isn't slow, but I reckon that twin picked up speed just as fast, if not faster. They're an eye popping thing.
  7. Hell yeh, even my old Clubman (100cc air cooled) accelerated (calculated from data logging) from 55-100 at the same speed as my FPV F6. Good fun :D
  8. Yeah. Charlie always raced twins because he was a big lad - well over 100kg - and he just couldn't compete in singles. I'd never driven a gokart - any kart - when I started helping out. I hit him up for a steer, and the kart he had at the time was a twin clubman. It had very short gearing because the track had been shortened, on top of Charlie's weight. I weighed 62 kg. The damn thing would wheelstand off corners!

    He went through about 4 more different karts over the next ten years I was involved in it, and he still has one and has a play with it sometimes. I got dragged along to hire karts one night by my son, who was about 12 at the time, and I got hooked. It was a hell of a lot slower, but it was heaps of fun. So next thing I know I'm turning up once a week and racing them.

    Eventually, they started changing the rules and the competition to get more people in, and to my mind they ruined it, so I stopped going. That was years ago. Was good fun though. I wish I had the bucks to be racing the things Charlie was. Geez those are fun to drive!
  9. Welcome to NR :)