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Yet Another 'Got My License' Thread.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tyrelever, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Hiya guys

    Woohoo got my license today! Goodbye L Plates hello 12 months till I get a bigger bike....

    Great big THANKS! to Michael from Ridetek :D You did a great job and I would highly recommend Ridetek (Dandenong). If you’re on Netrider Michael Thanks and Good job - Ill be back for more training.

    Good job at the rest of the group too - 100% pass ;P

  2. Congrats...Use these next 12 months wisely gwasshoppa.

    My wait is nearly up ! yay. Oct 20. Not like i'm counting or anything :LOL:
  3. :woot: congratulations! I'm 13 months ahead of you - ner ner :p :LOL:
  4. Koodoos to you fellow rider :grin:
  5. Grats on getting the full license! Decided not to come back to H.A.R.T in kilsyth this time to do the double?!
  6. Thanks Guys :D

    Hey Thanks Maverick_132! I thought that Id do the license with another mob maybe get another spin of the art of motorcycling ;P

    Hope to catch up sometime soon,

  7. Yay and Congrats!!!! :)
  8. Well done, awesome.. :grin:
  9. I'll second that. I was on the course with you (the guy who did the test first out of the group). He was a great instructor and gave me plenty of things to go away and practice on.

    Michael was wearing a netrider.org.au T-shirt so he must be either a past or present member.
  10. Welcome to the slowest 12 months of your life! :LOL:
  11. YAY congrats bro.. i just got my P's like 3 weeks ago, Cant wait to get a nice harley (or a crap one, aslong as it sounds good ) :p
  12. Congrats - got mine on Friday at Kilsyth. Those L plates can really fly, better than Frizbees. My dream is also a Harley but I doubt if I could afford one. I'll settle a Bouly (Boulevard C50 or C90 although colours suck) at the end of 12 months (is 12 months over yet?)