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Yet another flu joke

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by pvda, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. The WHO's official name for the current Swine Flu is something like H1N1.

    Does this mean if/when a sheep flu hits it will be called the K1W1 flu??


  2. lol kiwi flu :p took me a while to get that though :mad:
  3. "Mate you look sick!"
    "yeah, I'm feeling a little buggered!"
  4. Yeah Cuzzy bro, Im fully flued up! Im flued as eh bro!
  5. Doctor: Mr Rodrigez, it appears you have caught swine flu from the toilet seat.

    Mr Rodrigez: From the toilet seat?!!! You can't catch swine flu from the tiolet seat.

    Doctor: Pigs a$$ !!!

    On a more serious note, there have been a lot of emails being passed on telling people of the danger of eating pork, and the risk of catching swine flu from it. The most prevelant is the one concerning camp type pork. Don't worry, it's only spam.
  6. :LOL: :LOL: @ t_mike
  7. I wish I had posted that :rofl:

  8. Bro you're heaps flued eh. So flued. Do you wanna chup bro? :LOL:
  9. I was a bit worried my wife had swine flu on the weekend

    I tried calling Nurse OnCall but all I got was crackling
  10. I hear that the meds are expensive and you may have to hock, also some peeps get the trots. Those with a bit of brawn seem to recover faster!! :wink:
  11. Was a little worried about a friend of mine, and suggested he get checked out for swine flu. He doesn't travel overseas, but I've seen him quite a few 'pigs' in the past :p
  12. Breaking News .... Kermit the frog dies of swine flue ... His last words were that effing pig told me she was clean !!!
  13. Big Bad Wolf: little pigs, little pigs let me in!!!
    Pigs: F*CK off or we'll sneeze on you!
  14. My daughter woke up this morning in pigtails. Should I be worried?

    I woke up covered in rashers - should I be worried?

    How can you tell if your wife might be getting swine flu?
    She starts hogging the blankets...

    You've heard about "Swine Flu - the Movie"?
    Stars Kevin Bacon...


    I'm actually starting to find swine flu a complete boar!