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Yet another first off!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by goodcruzn V4, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Hi all.

    Today it happened. I was turning right in a round-about near home and was nearly through when a woman coming from the opposite direction pulled out in front of me when I was about 3-4m away. I was doing about 15k/h leaning into the corner slightly and instinctively grabbed a handful of front brake. The next thing I knew I was on the road in the middle of the round-about with the bike on my right ankle. The woman had kept on going and I didn't see her again.

    Fortunately the other cars in the round-about saw what happened and stopped in time so I didn't get run over. A man and woman came running over and asked if I was ok. I was a bit stunned and lay there for a few seconds taking a mental note of my condition. There didn't seem to be too much pain so I didn't think I had actually broken anything but I couldn't get my leg out from under the bike. Being face down on the road makes it a bit difficult to lift something off the back of your leg.

    The man helped me lift the bike and I wheeled it off the round-about to the footpath. He had to put the stand down for me as I was a little wonky on my feet. They were still asking if I was okay and I lifted my leg and swivelled my foot and said "If I can do this I don't think anything is broken". It was a bit difficult walking as I am pretty sure I had sprained my ankle. I pulled off my boot and checked the ankle and there were no contusions. The people checked again that I was okay and I told them that I had just got off my restrictions and I was glad I had not yet got a new bike. He said that we was picking up his new bike tomorrow and that he also rides a Yamaharley Virago. It was good to know that there are lots of us around and that there was a connection between us.

    The bike started after a few tries and making sure it was in neutral. I was able to continue on my way after that. When I got to my destination (mums) I checked the ankle and it had swollen up quite a bit and I was able to put some ice on it for a couple of hours. Mum strapped my ankle for me and helped me on with my gear. Inspection showed that there was no damage to my jacket, draggins or helmet so it was not a bad off. My ankle will recover, I hope in time for the GP this weekend.

    I analysed what happened later and I realised that when the bike is turning and on a lean into a corner that stopping the front wheel by using the front brake is a really good way to make the bike slide out from under you. Using the back brake would have been a better idea but with a car 3-4 m in front of me I didn't have time to think and my instinct hadn't been trained to us the rear brake. I guess it was better to have the bike slide out from under me than run into the car.
  2. bugger
  3. Did you hunt down and murderalize this female driver?

    Did anyone get the number plate of the offending vehicle?

    This sort of thing really pisses me off. :evil:
    I saw very nearly the same thing coming home from work one day - on a roundabout too. A similar scenario also resulted in my first off.

    Roundabouts are bad enough if you're in a car. Looking for traffic actually IN the intersection is seldom done by alot of drivers it seems.
  4. at least it wasnt so bad. kinda like the chicken pox, just wanna get it over and done with and get it outta your system without it in the back of your mind.
  5. Bugger! Glad you're ok Phil. :)

    Don't worry about grabbing the frong brake. Most people would do the same thing. A bit of rear instead might of worked, or it could have skidded out and dropped you too. Roundabouts are nasty work sometimes.

    I'm pissed off that the biatch drove off though! May she be attcked by zombies who turn her inside oud and use her guts as a slippery slide! I guess it's hardly surprising that the same people who are so self obessed as to not give way before entering a roundabout are the same sociopaths who watch bikes fall over and then continue on their merry way. Don't worry about her, with any luck her boyfriend will dump her, her mobile phone will break and boy leg bikinis will go out of fashion just after she stocks up for summer. :evil:
  6. Bad luck chief. I hope your recovery is speedy.
  7. back brake, front brake, probably wouldnt have made a diff when some dickhead decides that you are not really a living being.
    good to hear its all relatively minor.
    did you/witnesses get their plates?
  8. Yeah, Phil, don't over-analyise it, just get to a doctor and get that ankle checked before you try riding to Melbourne, OK???

    And once again the forces of ATGATT triumph over the forces of squidiness :LOL:.
  9. Glad you came out fairly OK.

    I can't believe that dumbar$e kept driving, she probably didn't even see you come off which is a real big worry! :?
  10. I've had an encounter with one of those types of drivers before (though I was in a car at the time), came straight out onto the round about without even a look until they were actually on the round about...
    at which point she saw me and put on her brakes and stopped right infrount of me looking sheepish.
    just had to shake my head and wave her on. :roll:
  11. LOL, I had the same exact thing happen to me, only a few weeks ago. Bloody women drivers!!! :evil: :p
  12. Bummer Phil. Glad you're okay though. I totally recommend you get your foot looked at/xray, even if it's feeling a bit better. My drop was very similar to yours in that the bike landed on my foot. I rode home with what I didn't realise at the time was a broken heel. :( So get it checked!
  13. My first drop was when trying to get onto a roundabout - car in front decided it could make it, then changed it's mind and I broke (poorly). Missed the car, but the bike decided to have a lie down after all the excitement. I don't like roundabouts.
  14. I went and saw the doc this morning and with a bit of prodding and squeezing pronounced that the ankle was just sprained. :applause: A couple of days off work with my leg up and all should be good. Will probably be able to make it to the GP too.

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and comments.
  15. i'm glad ur fine from it mate.
    i had one last week as well
    it' really leaves a big mental note doesnt it?
    safe riding..
  16. Grrr.. glad you're ok, Phil. It really does put a downer on humanity when we won't even stop for someone injured - especially when we caused it! :evil:

    :LOL: Stewy. But yeah, either brake could have resulted in a slide, especially in a roundabout where there's probably oil or fuel. Anything abrupt while leaning isn't good. If you had a chance to stand the bike up while front braking, I'm guessing that might have been your only chance, but then you might have rammed her due to your changed line. Can't win!

    Just enjoy your time off work :wink:
  17. ...errr....so if she didn't see the bike...she wouldn't have seen it go down...so remind me again why she would have stopped :roll: :LOL:

    Still a major bummer about damaging the bike :cry: :cry:

    I figure that if a tin top jockey ignores/doesn't notice an emergeny vehicle with lights and sirens what hope have we got. I assume they haven't seen me unless they have made eye contact.
  18. Er
    Have you ever heard that noise? The one that goes Sckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. You know. Motorcycle grinding into the road noise? If that happened beside me in a roundabout I think it would make me stop. Be a clue that something had happened of a bad nature would you not think?
  19. Bad luck on the stack, hope all's well. You live and learn riding, so put it down to experience.

    You constantly dribble this sh!t. I'm guessing that if the OP had not panicked and grabbed a handful of front brake he wouldn't have gone down

    Yes if you're inexperienced, ATGATT, and leave it at that - good advice. But becasue you feel safer wearing safety gear on every ride, doesn't mean everyone has to :roll:
  20. And even then they... :shock: