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Yet another filtering question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by LPCIII, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Just wondering if anyone out there is in the habit of filtering throught the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.

    I just ask cos yesterday I was heading into the city and the traffic was backed up and so slow through the tunnel. The reason I don't do it is just that there are cameras throughout the tunnel.

    Anyway if there is at least one person out there who does it then I guess I have no excuse.

    Oh yeah and this is the third time I have posted this topic so I hope it works. :)
  2. Only once in the 3 years of my daily commuting through the Tunnel, has traffic been stopped, or moving slowly enough for it to make sense to lane split.

    And I did it then, and most cars were actually polite enough to move aside to let me pass.
  3. Down here in Melbourne I filter through the Burnley Tunnel when the traffic backs up. The Burnley tunnel is 4 kms long and when the traffic builds up - so do the fumes. Heavens knows how that may affect my health in later years.

    I guess the issue here is - how do you do it? When the traffic slows, it leaves a nice little 2 m wide road for us motorcycles to cruise along. You can also ride from gap to gap, winding between lanes (hopefully, you can interpret what I am describing here).

    The lanesplitting things seems to have died a natural death, and the police aren't hounding many of us on it. And, we must remember - there are NO Stats to prove that lanesplitting is dangerous - which is the defence we can use if we are fined and choose to go to court.

    Rumour has it that the Vic Govt has noticed that there are a lot more motorcycles on our roads these days. It appears that they are going to recognize our votes now there are so many '000s of new scooters, and many people commuting on M/C, on our roads down here :grin: with an election coming in Nov this year.

    Filtering - its why we ride isn't it? We ride for the freedom and flexibility it gives us. Also, it reduces traffic congestion if you filter anywhere - and in the end isn't that what they want - ie less congestion :grin: :?: :?: :grin: