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Yet another bitten by the bug...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Captain Seven, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. Hey folks.

    Thought I'd throw in a G'day to everyone, and give myself an excuse to vent (the good kind).

    Let me set the scene. Go back in time. Three weeks ago, about 0430 in the morning. I've just finished working nightshift at Skycity Darwin Casino. It's been a quiet night, I've had extra smoko breaks, and about 10 cups of coffee (you don't have a problem 'til you admit it, right?) I've just finished having an hour long convo with my boss, about his riding experiences (a VTR 1000 at the moment, it's swell).

    I was walking home, and a random guy rides part on a road bike. It sounded sweet, and looked even sweeter. The bike.....not the guy..gee..

    And I stopped..

    Something clicked. I had an epiphany. I thought to myself, "I can do that.....I'm getting a bike."

    Now, I'm prone to the odd bout of excitement, which generally fades into nothing. But after three weeks of solid research, looking up learner info, convincing the missus, and finally discovering NETRIDER . com...well, it's real..and damn, it feels good.

    So now I'm here. about two months away from being in Melbourne (moving down for kicks, and to check out Lygon st for the best pizza and coffee I can find) with my girlfriend who, incidentally, I have convinced so well thet she is even going to personally finance a loan for me to realise - what now is - an amazing dream. (WOW, much?)

    Finding this site went way beyond anything I dared hope. I've spent a day reading the boards and in particular the Learner Ride thread. The amount of organisation for events like these surprised me, pleasantly.

    So, in two months or so, I'll be in Melbourne, looking for a job and getting my L's (maybe not in the order). And in three to four, I'll hopefully be sorting out my first group learner ride.

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!....yeah, I'm a little enthused..

    Cheers for your time. Have fun all!
  2. wOoo.... awesome Story!. Welcome Welcome!

    Man, how'd you manage to convince your g/f ? better do it quickly, before she switches her mind and tells you NO cause "its dangerous blah blah blah"......which is what happened to me :|
  3. What can I say. She's a pretty awesome freakin' girlfriend. But who knows, maybe she's hoping the 'fad' will pass.

    Too late now :D
  4. Welcome Sequitur

    Found your mojo - cool as!

    You'll definitely have fun down here.

    Thank god for random guy, aye!

  5. be prepared for a different lifestyle when u get your bike :) welcome bud
  6. Welcome.

    Curb your enthusiasm the first few rides eh? Callllllm cool and collected. Once you know your bike go crazy :p
  7. good job, hope the wait isnt to bad :p
  8. welcome.

    what area u looking to move to...?

    Get a job at crown casino!

    Oh it gets friggen cold here too
  9. No drama's, Liq. I'm certainly going to take it very easy for the first months/(years?) :p

    I was thinking about getting a job at Crown, in the cashier cage, but I really want to try and get a regular day job. Over shift work for sure. Maybe one of the banks or such.

    Willzah, the missus and I were looking somewhere around St Kilda, actually. Not sure of the price for renting, but anything has to be cheaper than Darwin. At one stage, I was paying $250 a week for a bedsit. ONE ROOM, more or less.

    I was stoked when I saw the Learner Group Ride started out there. Be easier for me to get to. Much less chance of me making an ass of myself on the way in ;) Temperature shouldn't be too much of a problem. Used to live south of WA. Just glad I don't have to put up with the Build Up anymore!!

    Cheers for the comments guys. Can't wait to hit town!!
  10. Great read :LOL:
    Congrats !! Welcome to 2 wheels, Netrider, and soon to Mexico :p