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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vahramh, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. My daughter just got her bike learners permit. Here's one proud dad!

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  2. Awesome. Well done!
  3. Is she h..

    happy to have such a cool dad?
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  4. As the son of a rider and the father of a rider I fully understand your "proudness"
  5. congratulations. what is she going to ride? sport bike or cruiser?
  6. Pics or did not happen.
  7. Thanks for the congratulations guys, I'll pass them on to her. She'll probably ride my old V-Star 250 for the next 4 years, until she gets her full license. But youngsters don't plan that far ahead, so we'll see.
  8. "Pride", perhaps?
  9. Is she hot?

    Yeh my dad rode for years, and his brothers besides one all rode/ride at some point in their lives, so he was pretty chuffed when i got my license.

    plus he enjoys being my mechanic and looking at bikes with me, i'm trying to convince him to buy a bike again, so we could go riding together.

    hes getting pretty close to being convinced, if i keep at it he'll do it.
  10. congratz hope she has fun on it
    all my uncles and aunts ride so when i got my l's there where all happy i been trying to get dad to buy a bike but he just seem to take mine instead
  11. I'd be a proud dad if my youngest, Heidi gets her licence. Will be a while yet. She's just turned 2 y'see!