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yes your ducati is nice an red - all you need is a cape

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by tiggers, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Dear Mr Ducati.

    Thanks for the hero over take last night; not that I mind being over taken in my lane, but cutting right across the front me to duck up the bus lane missing my front end by inches was bit of an idiot move.

    You showed superior road craft skills by managing to jam yourself in between two buses while I tootled past you. This must of pissed you off, and I’m sure the second pass was a little closer than the first.

    Again your lack of ability to read the traffic flow resulted in me swapping lanes and tootling past you again while your front wheel was jammed up against the back of that taxi. The reason my head and shoulders were shaking was that I was laughing.

    Thank you for making my commute so amusing.

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  2. bahahahahahahahahahahahaha another stoner wannabe
  3. Oh yes; don't see these very often but this one was a classic.
  4. Probably afraid of losing the front end, it's bought Rossi down a few time ;)
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  5. Are you suggesting the ambition outweighed the talent??
    I'm confused....:?
  6. well, going by the way some others seem to be treating people on here, here goes:

    OP, you should have seen him coming, did you look? did you see? no! i think you should have been prepared for this, and saw it coming from 2 days ago. i think your sarcastic attitude towards your safety and others safety is going to put you in deep trouble soon, if you keep riding like that.....theres the door!

    How did that go? am i in the club?

    Sorry to hijack.....rant over....as you were
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  7. There's a big difference between the two stories champ. Now go and have a think and get back to me.
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  8. like i said....as you were
  9. I love tootling! Fkn love it!
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  10. #10 tiggers, Mar 30, 2012
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    Seriously, LOL'd for a while on that one.

    I think a few took lessons from the other thread, myself included. Let's try to let sleeping dogs lie!
  12. So if he was on Camry...I mean Honda. Would you have started the same ghey thread?
  13. Oh man! I ride a Honda and my company cage is fucking camry .. I am so going to hell :)
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  14. Ducati riders are always so defensive! Must be the caffeine. [-(
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  15. Can't be, they don't put that much coffee in a latte 8-[
  16. Nah not really. Point is, if it was a Yamkawahonda, he probably wouldn't have vented. No different to getting cut off by a Ferrari or Focus.
    People tend to judge the car first then the action.

    Trust me, I'd rather be called a late sipping wanker than be seen dead on a cruiser, Harley Ferguson or scooter!
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  17. #17 tiggers, Mar 31, 2012
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    Could have easily read any make of bike..

    I only noticed it was duc on the second pass.
  18. Ambition outweighed his ability ;)

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  19. #19 kma_jg, Mar 31, 2012
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    OP, am I wrong in assuming you didn't intend to imply all Duc riders ride like this? You should have started with "Dear Mr on a Ducati".

    You get dipshits on all kinds of bike and we see them everyday. Not just Ducs. This is just another example.
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  20. Cheeses, you Latte sippers are a thin skinned lot.

    Riding a bike with 'character' must do that to you :)