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Yes sir, sorry sir. Good police story.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Righty, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Was heading up Mount Glorious yesterday afternoon for a little bit of a dash through the mountains and I had a funny little incident. Just as I was getting to the base of the mountain and about to start giving it a bit a pepper I saw a cop bike coming around a corner. By this stage I was probably 15 20 over the limit (whoops) and I got that frozen feeling you get when you know you are in the shit.

    It seemed like everything was going in slow motion and then I watched the cop as he put his hand out and gave me the slow down sign that I would give to any other rider if I knew there was a cop about, you know the one where you move your hand up and down? It was only an instant but I gave him a couple of nods. I''m such a wimp, I should have lifted the front wheel. :)

    I did slow down after that.... for a little bit.. But the main thing is he could have easily swung around and gave me a ticket, I was clearly going to fast in that section, but he decided to give me a little reminder instead. Perhaps it was because it's a known bike area or he had just been pulling people over all day and had enough? I don't know, I'm grateful anyway.
  2. or already met his quota?? lol

    we get a few stories on here about cops doing the right thing and not being complete pricks when going about their jobs, its just a shame they are the exception as opposed to the norm.
  3. ...Or because he didn't have radar to detect oncoming speeds, and you'd clearly seen him so you wouldn't be stupid enough to speed if he turned around and followed you to get an actual reading.
  4. Such pessimism boys?!? :(
  5. Doesn't need a radar to do you for speeding, unfortunately. Can just estimate speed as 'between 15-30km' over the speed limit, etc. Of course you can contest it, but its a cop with xyz years experience, vs. speeding biker.

    On old pac, from what I see of the police presence, the rozzers generally just drive back and forth. I've often come around a corner and been going maybe 15-20 over, and they just ignore you and keep going. The way I figure, they are making their presence known, which keeps myself and others from doing anything too truly unsafe. And they put the rest of their attention on nabbing those doing stupid speeds.

    This is what I'd like to believe, but of course there are still cases of doing you for minor infrigement speeds :cry: I can respect them for making presence known and stopping the outrageous speeding, as long as they let you get away with safe speeding.
  6. That police bike must have been stolen. . . . . :p

    There was a bike cop up at the mt glorious cafe one arv recently, he was saying that his only concern up there over the holidays was drink driving..
    He didn't seem too worried about the few bikes that flew past at about 90 either. :eek:
  7. So a police officer not issuing a speeding fine for someone doing ~15-20km/h over the limit (by his own admission) is "the right thing" to do, and the police officers issuing fines to those breaking the law are "being complete pricks"?

    Personally, I think you've got your priorities out of whack! True, nobody likes receiving a fine, or punishment for a crime, but if that's one of the steps necessary for prevention, then it's justified.

    I think the OP should just count himself lucky that all he was given was a reminder, and it was good to see that he took heed of the reminder and backed off a bit because of it.
  8. yeah that's pretty well my point. It was just a good reminder, I didn't need anything more.

    I'm not a hoon and have a squeeky clean record, so it was nice to keep it that way.
  9. +1 Or was on his way to lunch... :grin:
  10. Or he saw one of these ahead!

  11. To stand up in court he needs a speed reading from a calibrated radar or needs to prove he was following you for a reasonable period of time.

    Remember he needs to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and oncoming vehicle, around a bend with only a limited time to see you, would be more than reasonable doubt.

    Most magistrates would find not guilty for this one.
  12. ^^^ Lucky -Did you buy a lottery ticket after?
  13. They seriously need to upgrade the protection police officers have on police bikes. I'm no guru but I'm pretty sure that cotton/nylon shirt they wear doesn't offer enough protection.
  14. Tites too in NSW. Even the Police leather jackets are well below par.
  15. Probably because he was a bike cop. He rides a bike and knows the score. Every time I've met a bike cop they've been way more reasonable and human than car cops.
  16. must be your lucky day.

    i was pulled over for crossing over double lines in my car. was 11.45pm on saturday, the street was empty and i was tempted to take the short cut.

    was really nice to the coppa, be as helpful & polite as i can be, guess what....... no luck, that prick even charged me with something that he shouldda let me go with and now here i am stuck with appealing for deemed driving unlicensed with 551 fine.

    and guess what, that didnt stop him from taking my demerit points off my bike license????? i didnt know they could do that, as i was using my overseas car license, gave the coppa my translation and gave him my bike license to back it up that the translation wasnt a fake. he took 3 demerits off it.

    i know i was wrong, but dude.... its 11.45pm at night, no cars around and the street was empty as....... still i am gonna pay the first fine and fite the 2nd.

    God must be smiling upon you that day. haha.
  17. Police Officer says: "Your honour, it is my expert opinion as a police officer with XYZ years experience that said motorbike rider was driving without due care and attention, hence I gave him a fine for these acts."

    They don't have to give you a speeding ticket if they think you're speeding, they can just issue a ticket for driving without due care...
  18. Sorry I agree with the original statement.

    Lawyer to plod in witness box:
    "and how long did you observe this behaviour"

    "doh, um, 5 seconds"

    Lawyer: "
    "and from what position?"

    "um, see I was leaned over taking a curve on the other side of the road"

    Lawyer to judge:
    "Your honor I submit that a rider taking a corner and concentrating as he must on doing so, could not have formed any reasonable opinion on anothers riding"

  19. I can see your point. However, if a ticket was issued, I'd say 90% of people would take it and pay it without taking it to the courts anyway, especially if they freely admit that they knew they were exceeding the speed limit.
  20. you guys have what.. 8 or 10KPH lenience? we have 3! plus we have 400,0000000000 speeds cameras, and cops that will book you in aheart beat without using their own discretion.. in vic, most of the cops (esp the tmu - traffic management unit) are a bunch of mindless drones that have no ability to think for themselves. BUT itf one of their own gets pulled over for speeding, they flash the badge and drive off. yet, you can get away without indicating, changing across 3 lanes of traffic, cutting of other drivers, and they are too busy booking people for 3 k's over the limit to attend motor vehicle accidents? how many thefts of motorcycles are not looked in to?? roberies? rapes? what else? yet they can sure as hell get cops on the road to book people for doing 3 ks over the limit on a freeway at 2am?? i dont mind bretho's, random licence checks, all that tripe, but i think policing has become alot more about revenue raising than helping people, i think they are the ones with the mixed up priorities. money over people at the end of the day.

    speeding doesnt kill, idiots kill. th ones that speed in the wrong place at the wrong time, but traffic, people going all road rage with bats and club locks.. how many times do you hear "nothing we can do" as a brush off, but fcuk me they'll nab ya for 3k's over cause your an accident waiting to happen at that sort of speed!

    thats not what this thread is about though, and i apologise for my rant. this is about a cop doing the right thing, the reasonable and human thing, and i wish there was alot more of it.