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Yes its another Triumph Street Triple R

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Jimbo14, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Funny story.

    In March this year I bought a brand new Triumph Thruxton! Loved it! What a beautiful machine with a great exhaust sound (aftermarket exhaust).


    I took it for its first service and they lent me a Street Triple R for the day!

    End of story (yes, im glad you asked, I have no brain, im dumb, a moron, very stupid!)....

    My new motorcycle.

    Mods since the photo
    - Pillon Grab rail (for my lovely wife)
    - Rear Hugger








    Its a very very ugly motorcycle IMHO but F*ck what an animal!

    It would have to be one of the best street/sport/urban motorcycles on the market!
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  2. haha, congrats on the new bike. Did you trade/sell the Thruxton or you've got two in the stable now?
  3. They are hard not to love!
  4. Great bike, enjoy!
  5. This is ugly after riding a thruxton lol

    Pot---kettle---black ;)
  6. I think they do that deliberately so you will spend lots of money on extra plastic bits to make it look decent :)

    Congratulations on the new bike, they are a great ride.
  7. Don`t Wash it
    When your unwashed ugly triumph goes around eating nice looking clean bikes for breakfast. You will love it even more. And prissy bikers will shake in their bike riding shoes when you pull up next to them.
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  8. Awesome bike - bit of a change from the Thruxton!!
  9. Congrats, nice bike.. First streety I've seen that is almost as dirty as mine!

    So when you bring this in for a service, what are they going to lend you? :D
  10. Haha, if they are smart a Speed Triple R with pipes!

    Nice one though, I do quite like the red. Definately good fun bike, but I'm a wee bit bias.
  11. Gurbachen:

    I sold it private


    Its funny you say that, that was a joke we kept making at the local dealer. They lent me a Triumph Tiger 800 for the day - a cool adventure bike but underwhelming compared to the STR.

    Before I bought the STR I took a Kawasaki z1000 for a ride (as it was pretty much the same price as the STR). The power was amazing but just didnt steer anything like the STR.
  12. Very nice. Another triple joins the group.

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  13. Triumph seem to be having something of a resurgence , or am I imagining that?
  14. Tends to happen when you have arguably one of the best bikes of the moment in your range.
  15. Not to mention the Speed Triple, Daytona 675 and Bonneville - all good sellers and great motorcycles.
  16. No, you're not. They're doing good. In fact, pretty good at the moment.

    I might add the Thunderbird to it as well. Maybe along with Speedmaster and America. They seem to be selling well.
  17. Good to see, are they still made in the UK or outsourced?
  18. Thailand.
  19. $1.20 an hour, what can you do..
  20. 675/675R - blitzed every mag shootout for "600s"
    Street/StreetR - same deal for middleweight nakeds
    Speed/SpeedR - same deal for big nakeds

    To put it simply Triumph are absolutely killing it currently.