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yes im on a bandwagon... and loving it :D

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by speedyTX3, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Just bought my first bike and went for a first real ride today!

    LOVING IT!!!

    so anyways, you ask why bandwagon?

    im on my l's and its a... you guessed it


    rode a few and this one definitely stood out, and was the cheapest!

    how ironic.





  2. Fully sick bro
  3. Looks cool , enjoy :)
  4. Sweet bike dude :grin:

    And definately fully sik :!:
  5. you little tricker, you...
    you said you got a real bike, not a toy bike :grin:
  6. What's the insurance cost for a year?
  7. haha fully sickness it is.

    real bike... hmm maybe when im off my restrictions till than i guess its toy time.

    insurance cost... $45 for a wheel lock alarm thingo and a justice pole.

    well i cant afford insurance, ive spent all my money on leathers + good helmet and other small bits and pieces. To be honest the cost of the bike was actually just a bit over what it would have cost me to insure it for a year so i don't think its worth it.
  8. you might want to think about gettin third party
    If you are not insured and if you hit someone (and at fault), if you are not insured you will have to pay for all the damage that you have caused

    food for thought :)
  9. Or third party fire and theft... from what I hear, CBR250s are quite a way up there in the two-men-and-a-van show, now featuring boltcutters.
  10. you're game.. The way I see insurance is that it's not for protecting your bike, but saving your life if you happen to hit a merc or even kill a pedestrian etc etc
  11. yeah i understand all the dangers of not having insurance...

    for now ill keep it as safe as i can and stay as aware as i can. just not in a position to be able to afford it right now.

    but don't worry, im looking in to it still, only got the bike today.

    its rain season anyways so wont be riding it much at all... got the car for that sorta thing (and yes thats comprehensive).

    speaking of which, anyone know any good insurance companies that don't want arm n a leg for insuring you?
  12. Third party is like $100 - $150. Hardly worth complaining about.
  13. oh really?

    damn, who are you with? everywhere i looked at its up the roof...
  14. I'm currently paying $143 for third party with RACV, which is probably the most expensive. Thats like second or third year discount as well, which is a bit of a joke.

    I'm sure if you go with WQBE ect it would be cheaper, I heard swann was pretty cheap as well. Check out the garage inspect thing, most people have it listed and it gives you a pretty good idea on pricing.
  15. If you are a member here (for like a one off $10 fee) you get 5% discount with WQBE. Worth it in the first year, let alone thereafter.
    I'm guessing you paid like $5k for that rice cooker and you've been quoted a similar price for insurance? That's just scary.
    My brand new 08 M50 was $456.
  16. So it's not like NSW ... where CTP covers you for injuries to third parties (people, not property)? You need separate (optional) insurance to cover yourself in case you hurt someone?

    Otherwise 3rd party property insurance is the way to go IMO.
  17. That's the way I thought it was, and I didnt know that was the case for NSW.. I havent actually looked into it. Hopefully I am wrong, as I think that's a much better system.
  18. No, CTP works the same nation wide.
    It's true enough about hitting a high end car and ending your life though. I certainly couldn't afford to pay off someone's $2 million bugatti veyron.
  19. 5k no way ahaha, it cost me a fair bit under 3k with a bit of cosmetic damage which will be fixed later on, and a bottle of oil and chain grease (really nice honest seller). i pretty much rode off giggling like a little girl.

    the seller was a mechanic too so the motor and transmission are both in great nick! bit disappointed with singe disc brake but oh well.

    seeing as third party is that cheap than ill definitely get myself covered with that at least.