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Yes, another rider down post

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. This one though shows how some riders do no favours for the rest of us :(


    Motorcyclist killed in smash
    A MAN died when he lost control of his motorcycle and ran into a wall in Sydney's west.
    The 34-year-old, of Queensland, was driving on one wheel along De Castella Drive, Doonside, about 6pm (AEDT) when he lost control, police said.
    The bike mounted the kerb and smashed into a knee-high perimeter fence outside a house near the intersection of Douglas Road.
    The man sustained multiple injuries and died at the scene. 

  2. Well........

    I feel for his family..........
    I feel for the emergency workers who tried to save him........
    I feel for any witnesses who had to see it.

    I dunno if the rider was deliberately doing a mono, or if he sufferred some other loss of control, so I wont judge him.

  3. My guess is, he was doing a wheelie on purpose,
    got the wobbles when he brought his front end
    down subsequently lost control as a result.
  4. That's harsh Vic. :(
  5. What? For fcuks sake, someone has died and your worried about how it reflects on you?

    Stuff like this shouldnt even be allowed in the news. Hes hurt no one but himself and his friends and family. And once again no one knows exactly what happened and maybe never will.

    Still people are quick to talk shit like this.. Makes me so angry :evil:
  6. Some of you my remeber my posts about the trully brilliant R1 riders in my apparent block. He has stacked his bike for the 4th time in 4 years (3 write offs) this time he was pulling a mono when taking off from the lights in beach rd, went to far back and flipped it.

    "Normally I'm really good at it, I think the wind got me this time or something...."

    Yer great thanks mate.....

    I should have told him to take his bike to Sumoto to get fixed....
  7. vic i have to agree with the others in this case


    i'd like to think that if i crashed and killed myself that people wouldn't be saying that it was a mono gone wrong

    i cant pull a mono and therefor dont try


  8. Vic is correct - riders who crash while stunting don't do the rest of us any favours.

    And I don't have much sympathy for the guy. He knew the risks he was deliberately taking on.
  9. Right.....

    Forget you and I for a minute here.

    Joe Blogs reads the paper and sees that a rider was killed as a result of an accident. JP is probably going to think, "poor rider, gee those motorbikes are dangerous".

    Now the same JP reads the above article and now thinks to himself "bloody hoon motorbike riders pulling monos at intersections and killing themselves"

    Sorry if you don't agree with MY view but really, I have nothing to GET OVER as you so put it.
  10. Have to say i'm with vic on this one.

    We as riders understand but the "others" who are non bike riders and also the majority do not. Look at it this way also, alot of us get angry over issues with "cage drivers" and pressume that we have to be wary of all of them only due to the facts of what we experience and read so what im saying is that alot of people who only see riders pulling stunts and reading of them killing themselves they then inturn presume we are all the same....

    and it depends on what kind of rider u urself are and what u are keen on. I am so gonna get a can of whooparse opened on me for saying this but.... stunts do not impress me, i guess that's why im a cruiser gal and when i see a rider caning it thru traffic pulling mono's along a 60km sidestreet i am one to think wanka. :shock:

    don't get me wrong i feel for the rider and all the people his actions have effected, my brother rides like a maniac and had an awful accident that left him in a hospital bed for 2 and a bit months needing someone else to wipe his arse for him and what do i call him? f#@k*^g wanka! should have been more careful should have paid more attention, but these things happen.

  11. well i agree with u there :wink:
  12. I agree with vic that it does give the rest of the bikers a bad image since the news never says anything about the good riders out there.

    With that said, my sympathy's for the family's and friends at this hard time. RIP
  13. I know what vic means, other disclaimers accepted.

    The problem is, against the backdrop of the current political campaign to allow lane filtering, this couldn't be worse timing. Whether the mono was accidental or deliberate, at this delicate stage of trying to curry favour with the public, it has still resulted in a tragic death, and will not curry favour with an already sceptical public, not to say governments.

    Sympathies to his loved ones, of course, they will bear his momentary pain for the rest of their lives..
  14. And of course the pollies who must save us from ourselves
  15. the point i was trying to make vic was that you imediately jumped to the coclusion that he was trying to pull a mono.

    chances are his trye blew or he fell asleep
    anything(yes he MAY of being pulling mono's) but why jump to the worst conclusion?

    we are ALL family here ... yeh
  16. but it says he was on one wheel.... isnt that a mono? and isnt everything in the news accurate? btw i am j/k

  17. As much as the bloke may have been a goose for doing the wheelie ,everone is presuming that he did something wrong from a media report that doesnt go into much detail.
    He may have popped a wheelie , it may have been safe to do so , but a cars pulled out , a balls come across the road , a dog run out .
    Anything could have happened , and the media would not have been interested in reporting the whole picture or the media release from the Police may not have included it as there may have not been any witness's.

    In saying that , I see Vic's point , and maybe it could have been put a little more tactfull ( but all who know vic know that he would feel for the family of the rider )
    I dont care what car drivers think of me or what I do on the road , my only concern is to survive .
    I also dont care if joe public thinks we are hoons what ever as you wont please everyone , and some people will never be pleased.

    as for the riders family i send my thoughts and wish's during the tough times.
    A life is worth more than people can imagine, especially for those effected directly.

    There will be enough car drivers running him down and dissing him , he was a fellow rider , lets not argue about it and band together and show support for a fellow member who was lost to the love of the machine.

    Take care, take the time to reflect on what has happened and think before you do .
  18. A Life Lost.

    :( I agree with groberts03.

    Any life lost is a waste and especially hits home when it's some doing something that all of us here love.

    Yes the uneducated Joes of the world will always see it as a negative reflection on our kind.

    A fellow ride has died, it's never a good thing regardless of the situation.

    And I can wear the neagtive reflection in the public eye, as a riders sign of respect for a brother down, whatever he did.
  19. I know, but it's never 100% safe to do anything.

    The most well thought out things can go wrong and do. Even Nasa screws up :roll: