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Yes another rider down - but okay

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Beginning to think we a seperate forum for this. Only happened less than an hour ago so still a little sore but I'll try and write down what I remember before I forget. Basically was attempting to ride straight through the carpark - sun was low so there was very little visibility to my right, also not helped by the presence of a large, 12-foot high bush. I also made the mistake of assuming that since the supermarket was closing soon traffic would be non-existent (only 2 other cars in the carpark). Basically my own fault, wasn't concentrating and next thing I know all I can see in front of me is purple Ford. This crappy pic might explain things better - shows where both vehicles started and finished and where they intended to go.

    Braked hard but hit the side just behind the front wheel which dragged the front of the bike sideways with the right bar end/mirror making contact with the rear door handle. Damage to the Ford - deep scratches and dents in both doors. Damage to the Kat - right mirror is gone and the front fork(s) are bent - had to limp home with the bars on nearly full lock right just to keep in a straight line. I'm relatively okay, still a little sore from the fuel tank being rammed into my gut. If anyone has any ideas on what it might cost to repair the forks and the Ford (newish XR6) let me know - I'm pretty sure I was in the wrong here so looks like I'll be paying for both :(. Was meaning to get 3rd party insurance but still hadn't gotten around to it, been 18 months so yeah I'm an idiot. :facepalm:
  2. Sorry to hear jd :(
    Hope it doesn't hurt too much and the damage doesn't end up costing you a lot of $$$'s.

    and sorry but that is the shittest pic i have ever seen i can't decypher that at all :LOL: :p
  3. Jeeze, Jd. Glad you're ok mate. :)

    The bike shouldn't be too expensive to repair but I wouldn't want to be you right now with the cage. I wouldn't take a guess without seeing it but my theory with panel beating is to take a guess, then double it. :(

    Hopefully it's not as bad as it sounds. [-o<
  4. bad to hear about ur little stack mate
    hope ur alright and dosnt cost too much to fix
    oh by the way your diagram was hard to see didnt understand what u were trying to show lol
  5. AAahhh that sucks mate. Pitty about not having 3rd party insurance, its gonna hit you hard I would say.

    Hey I actually understood your diagram! Same thing nearly happened to me the other day in a bunnings car park.

    Hope you and your bike recover ok.
  6. You're right, looked okay when I drew it but must have turned to crap when I saved it as a .jpg. All fixed now (though probably still not much clearer :LOL:).
  7. Bugger :( sorry to hear about that,yep i think repairs to a relatily new xr6 im guessing 2,500 to 4000.Hope you can find some bits for the kat though :grin:
  8. jeez, rotten luck, mate, and the little Kat is sore and sorry. I hope they don't take 8 weeks to fix it like they did with my steed. But, at least you're ok.

    I've driven across the 'bays' in my local Woolies a few times and thought while I was doing it that it wasn't particularly smart; you've just convinced me to stop doing it.

    I hope you can come to a reasonable arrangement with the owner of the car.....
  9. ouchy, man i always cut across bays too
  10. oh this is not good... sorry to hear you went down in such a way... the ford might be expensive to fix... your bike will be defenatly cheaper... how bad are the forks?? any creaces in the bend?? if not I can streighten them easy and cheaply... mirror can be easly replaced with an aftermarket one...

    In the end as long as you are ok that is good news...
  11. Bogus, dude.
  12. well one thing i dont do in a car park is ride or drive through the park bays.. :? So i guess the thing is if he was doing the same thing and it is in a private car park you could get away with not having to fix the other guys car.. and if you do have to, my rear was tapped on my new xr6 ute and the bumper had to be replace, $2600 :shock: .
  13. Bummer JD.

    You don't have any friends that are panel beaters do you? That could drop the price dramatically for the labour, as that will be the most expensive part.

    Hope you don't wake up too sore tomorrow and that you are back on the road soon.
  14. Sorry to hear :(
  15. Sorry mate.... Honestly... I reckon you'll be up for about 4-5k... if your luck that will include your bike!
  16. I know I'm a newbie in this forum, hate to start off with a negative - but sorry man - no sympathy. :roll:
  17. bloody bad news mate :? i hope the repair quote isn't to nasty. at least you're not to smashed up, and you didn't hit a bentley!

    :WStupid: :bolt: i'm in the same boat mate, hmmm.
  18. Fine, wasn't looking for sympathy - simply letting those that know me know what happened. Also thought it might serve as a valuable lesson to others. To those that did wish me well, thanks. I'm feeling better now that I've calmed down a bit, guess I'll have to wait and see how I feel tomorrow morning (left knee and neck are starting to feel a little sore now, hoping they come good).
  19. My dad had an accidient in safeway a few years back...but this time the car was cutting through the carpark..not the bike.
    anyways..to cut a long story short..he didnt get anything from the cage because it was a private carpark.
    Even though the guy admitted fault...and did make an initial payment of $100...he refused to make anymore payments...and when my dad went to the cops..he was told he didnt have a hope in hell of getting this guy to pay, apparently private car parks are exempt from road rules.

    Hope you mend quickly, and buy a tinted visor!!!
  20. Useful contribution you've made there isn't it?

    Everyone has a lapse in judgement from time to time. Jd has provided the newbies with a good lesson about car parks and the danger of the setting sun. Unfortunately he's the one that pays for the lesson but he may well have stopped someone else doing it tomorrow. He may well have also convinced a few people to get some insurance.

    As the shock wears off you'll likely discover a few of these little injuries (knocks, bruises, strains etc.) and the ones you've found may get a tad worse by the morning. Even a slow colision can do more damage than you realise at first. Take a panadol if it gets sore and take it easy for the night. If the pain's worse tomorrow, you may want to see a doctor. :)