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Yes, another new rider...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by gjonesy, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone.

    Been lurking for quite a few months now. Great forum, btw.

    Passed L's a few weeks ago at Botany. Collecting silver GS500f K7 some time this week from Sydney City Motorcycles, Kogarah. Just need to sort out insurance.

    35 year old Pommy, been in Oz for 18 months now :grin:

    Did my Pre prov learning sesh last Friday at Clyde. Got P's booked in for end of May.

    I'll be the nervous looking rider on L's, going south on the Princes highway riding home from the store...

    See you guys on the road. Keep up the great advice.

  2. I am only saying hello because your name is jonesy :cool:

    Welcome and hey it's their problem trying to keep up with us :wink:

    Long live the jones's
  3. Yay new riders! welcome :)

  4. Sweet, the more new riders the better!

    I'm starting to see a lot of GS500's getting around. From all accounts they're awesome bikes to start off on.
  5. Well it's decided, I collect the bike Tomorrow after work.
    Got a decent insurance quote through shop with Swan (I think)

    Just got to build up some courage and wait until road clears up a bit... :?
    Can't wait...nervous though.
  6. Good luck with it, from another pommy.
  7. A mate of mine is a POM & he absolutely detests being called POM. He doesn't understand that in Australia the more you voice your dislike for a title or nickname the more you're going to be called by it.

    Anyway, good luck with the new bike gjonesy !!
  8. Good luck with the ride, I picked up my VTR250 on Monday night from Sutherland and rode it back to Hurstville. I survived the ride fine, but was nervous the whole way, had a little fun going onto Tom Ugly's bridge :LOL:
  9. I normally just reply "at least I came out of choice" :wink: Normally breaks the ice.
  10. Welcome to the fellowship of two wheels :).
  11. :grin: Well I have just collected the bike tonight, and I have to say I haven't stopped grinning since.

    The bike didn't seem to warm up very quickly (even though I was patient and let it run for 5 mins) but I bimbled along the backstreets of Beverley Park first to accustom myself to the clutch point.

    Indicators were left on quite a few times...doh

    I waited until after 19:00 and took the Captain Cook route back. Not so much traffic.

    The speedo doesn't work mind you, bit disappointed about that for a new bike. Small issue, mind.

    I didn't use the new Alpinestars gloves I bought with the bike. Felt a little restricted.

    Well all you GS500(f) riders were spot on. It feels like an easy bike to ride . I was very nervous and after 3~4 minutes, I was thinking about the roadcraft advice I read here more than of the bike controls....

    Anyway 'nuff waffling, just excited. Thx for advice guys, see you on the roads
  12. Hey dude congrats on getting your licence and that new bike!!!

    I will be joining you very soon :)