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Yerranderie, NSW

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by metanoia, May 21, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering... have (m)any of you ridden to Yerranderie? If so, how did you find the unsealed/dirt part of the trip?

    Also, is it something that one should really do with other people, or could one do it solo?

  2. Hi, I rode into Yerranderie a couple of years back, after a week of rain. I found the road easy.
    I wouldn't have a problem riding in on a GS650.

    I was alone on board a DR650, with 50/50 tyres fitted and loaded up with camping gear.
    I camped the night in the campground there, behind the old court house (I think that is what it was?), the Yerranderie private town, had plenty of other camper's in it, but I thought the price was a bit high, so I took the cheap option.

    Do not worry about riding it alone, as there is always traffic on the road, as there is a ranger and other inhabitants living in Yerranderie. The main hazard will be 4wd hogging the road, just keep left and look ahead for them.

    I'd recommend linking up your trip to take in Jenolan caves, Kanangra walls, Yerranderie & Wombeyan caves.

    I rode in from the Taralga side (South), along the Jerrong road (dirt), however, if not that confident on the dirt, take the Abercrombie road (Oberon - Goulburn rd), the turn off is well sign posted to Yerranderie, same road in and out.

    A local area map and/or GPS unit, is off great benefit.

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    Pics from 2014. Good road, graded and maintained.

    We rolled in late and almost met a couple of Emu's on the way in. We went and did harder stuff afterwards, could do it on a road bike with the right tyres.

    Plus half the fun, as they say, is taking inappropriate equipment to out of the way places

    Just don't hammer corners and get target lock, saved it by half a foot. Yep that's a creek. (not me !)

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  4. As you come into Yerranderie turn right and go over the airstrip to get to the free camp ground. Good pit toilets. Water tanks on the Old Courthouse/Police building owned by National Parks.

    Pay campsite straight ahead. We went and looked on the way out, only bonus is the showers.

    Beautiful camping spot. Luckily we had it all alone expect for these guys.




    Roadway in photos is a good indication of the standard on the way in.
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  5. I know what you mean re 4WDs hogging the road - i came acropper at very slow speed on the way to the glow worm tunnel in the Blue Mountains because a 4WD was in the middle of the road in a 1 lane tunnel.

    Fortunately, we were both at slow speed, and all that happened to me was to lose a mirror.

  6. Life's hard when one needs to share the camping ground with some of the locals :)

    Seriously tho, those roads look better than say the road from Buckety down to St Albans, or from Lithgow to the glow worm tunnel in the mountains. I'll pick up a tent next pay cycle and then give it a bash :)

    Thanks all!

  7. Road mcuh better than Buckety to St Albans and about the same as the good sections of the Glow Worm Tunnel road.