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Yer i got a bit bored and decided i modify my 1098

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by petersteelefreestyle, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. Yer i got a bit bored and decided i modify my 1098.
    it has a v16 12 pision nitro charged wd40 engine. puts out 1900bhp it wheelies at 400kph, im learning wheelies, how do u use a clutch



  2. Huh?? :?
  3. Wow is that GHOSTRIDERS new bike?!
  4. OMG OMG OMG, is it true. its ghost riders new bike.

  5. AWESOME! I love ghostrider! He goes so illegally fast and does the best monos.
  6. No he don't. I beat him last week down chapel st. I think my neons and carbon fiber stickers did the trick.

    How come from the back, its a N.S. engine, but from the side, it looks E.W?

    Is that why ghostrider is slow? :LOL:
  7. Some people take some things too far. Its you pesky VSMR motard riders. I though you were all banned for being silly children?

    Well you should be. :p
  8. No i didnt?
  9. pesky, and vsmr?? explain
  10. How come you have almost 400 posts on here.

    Dont you get banned from VSMR if you get 400 NR posts?
  11. Riding bikes with no RoadRace fairings, and I have not seen much carbon fiber in the motang paddock, so your bikes must be heavy and slow.

    Also, you value your bikes all wrong. I see that the most powerful and light bikes are very cheap second hand, like the mighty Husaberg brand. If you were cool, you would ride them. :twisted:
  12. Hmm...im not sure what you mean mate? Dont know what VSMR even is? HAX!!!
  13. Wait for it................1 more :LOL:
  14. from what i here motards are quicker then you sports bike riders and your power wheelies..
  15. power wheelies.

    if you even do them, i dunno with you guys ive seen some pretty newbie stuff.
  16. So you think you can beat me on your DR-Z?
  17. i dont see you doing balance point whoolies buddy but hey im not here to compare whos the better rider cause its me,.. besides that have u even ridden a motard?
  18. I can take a wheelie past BP and slow it down, but enough of me bragging, cos that dont achieve much. I could post pics, but you will say they are not me.

    Whats a motard? This guy looks like he knows what he is doing.

    The name Sibbo sounds familiar, is he some motard stunting/racing legend?

    Alright champ, your turn :p
  19. So, tella me, wot is dis m0tard you talk about?
    High 5.
    Thanksa very muuch.

    BTW, I like fish & chips.