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Yer brought a Hyosung :roll: :grin: ....Pics

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DANNIBOI, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Took me a while to get my camera out but heres me and my little crotch rocket.

    and yes, im prepared for all the Hyo bashin im sure to cop haha :LOL:

    Just wanted to share this pic with you guys, feel free to copy the pose :wink:

  2. Nice mate, have fun and ride safe!

    p.s. how come you're bending down like that.. did the engine fall out the bottom?
  3. Best of luck.
  4. thanx for puting it so nicley loz. :LOL:
  5. well at worst you will learn some spannering and how to deal with warranty claims. Both of which are important skills (not kidding) at its only for what 12 months? No one really likes their learning period, we all want big bikes.

    Start saving for the big bike fund and have some fun.
  6. Nah, if you can tolerate the gearbox, the hyo is fine.
  7. Congrats.
  8. You poor bastard!

    Congrats on your bike ;)
  9. congrats mate!

    i really like the colour, is it more of an orange or yellow in real life?
  10. Congrats on the bike..

    Dont drop or hit anything with it. A friend of mine hit a car doing 10km and bent the forks and frame :cry: (stat write off)
  11. Cool. Where did you bring it from? :LOL:

    Good luck with the bike and riding mate.
  12. The best thing about this thread is that Dannyboi didn't write it all in sms speak! :LOL:

    'Gratz on the bike... I think... ;)
  13. agro nick -

    its a bright yellow in real life, photo shopped it a bit 2 look a little darker in the photo.

    Sweeris -

    ill try mate, like all Learners ill try :wink:

    robsalvv - :rofl:

    mate, i know im so proud of myself. its changed my life. but i still proof read all my posts before i press submit haha :cool:

    if anyones in my area im keen to learn anythin i can from all you guys or if you wanna go for a ride PM me, i live in Croydon, south east melb.
  14. Come to a tue ride,, you'll learn quite alot...
  15. congrats on the new bike :)
  16. Yo !! Hyo !!!

    gr8 bike m8. congrtz !! c u @ da t-uz day lrnerz night :)
  17. Hey! I like my learning period. I'm having a blast riding my 250 and sticking up wtih most big bikes in the twisties

    oh and congratz buddy on your purchaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  18. I've bought you a present. :)

  19. shadowarrior -

    yer mate, wasnt sure if was on last tuesday, coz of Cup Day. but im coming this tuesdaybut im looking for other people in my area to ride up there with so i dont just rock on my own like.

    "uhhhh hello, netrider L's ride, yep" haha :LOL:
  20. Great bike had one and enjoyed it! Please remember to get it serviced at the intervals. If you do this then you should have no major dramas.

    If people bag ya tell them to get fcuked. It's got two wheels and an engine, what more do you need :cool: