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Yep, that IS an RC8R!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by heffa, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. So, I've had my trusty SV650 for 5 years now, and she has done me proud. But I am now the ecstatic owner of a shiny new 2012 KTM RC8R :cool::cool:
    Amazingly smooth and easy to handle in road setting, but have not yet tried race mode. Needed to adjust the rear frame bolts down to the lower setting, and even then I get a little bit of nut-crunch when stationary.
    Still scrubbing in the rubber, bedding in the brakes, and gotta have a few accessories added, but so nuts about her :grin:
    Gonna have to sort out some seat cushioning before the first long rides tho :bannanabutt:

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  2. I don't know you, but I already hate you.

    Congrats on an awesome bike. Very jealous.
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  3. Trick bike dude. enjoy.
  4. That's hot as f@ck! Congrats!
  5. Fantastic looking bike, however I heard (the earlier models at least) were a bit jumpy if your stuck in traffic around 15-25km/h, confirm/deny?
  6. Don't stress about the hard seat, take it from a tuono v4 owner that you will just get used to it after a few long rides.
  7. They are fine (older and current model). Most of the complaints came from people who had ridden inline fours their whole life.

    My first ride on an RC8 was easy as, slow traffic and filtering was easy as, very nice engine.
  8. nice lookin bike, congrats and big smiles :)
  9. Cheers everyone! Its just my luck though. I finally get her, just in time for the crappy weather to begin :/

    From talking to a few peeps who've ridden them, and the guys at Jeffrey KTM where I bought it, the older RC8 standard was very easy on the road, while the older R version was jumpy, sharp and hard to use outside of the track. Now there is just the new R version (the standard RC8 is no more).
    I have not yet done any open road or track riding (does the Monash fwy count?), and have had 2 rides in traffic. She is very forgiving and easy on take offs, smooth throttle response, broad power bands. Even though she has only 150 km on the clock so far, I dont feel any real rough edges in power delivery. One thing I have noticed considerably is the heat from the engine. My boots sit 3-4 inches either side of the exposed exhaust manifold for the rear cylinder, and my feet absolutely cook in slow traffic. The engine temp gauge shows a steady 80 degrees while riding on the fwy, but in the heavy traffic, she sits either side of 100.
    This all said, I have not yet redlined her, tried race mode, or even hit 5th and 6th gears 8-[ Even so, the power is mind blowing!
  10. Yes, the current ones with the twin spark set up are meant to be smoother. I rode both the RC8 and the RC8R of the previous version. No issues at all from my rides.

    Glad to hear you are happy with it. I think the heat on your boots is just the bike reminding you that it is yearning to be out in the open air, not cramped in traffic.
  11. what made you go for it?

    They look awesome but I sat on one and didnt feel very comfortable
  12. and leather Pants help cushion more than Kevlars.
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  13. Sounds like they've sorted out the issues with it, sounds great! Now go take her down to PI and see what she can do ;)
  14. Aww man that looks like so much fun.
  15. i love ktm's.

    i want one of these to go with my SuperDuke.
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  16. one word...

  17. I likey!!!!
  18. Very very nice bike mate!!!!
  19. I first saw them at the 08 MotoGP expo. Got to sit on one, heard the engine, read the stats, and promptly fell in love. But as I was permanently broke, I knew it wouldn't happen :(

    My 2 riding mates have had different tastes, and we all wanted a different European Superbike. One bought himself a 1098s a couple of years ago, and the other has been getting closer to his BMW S1000 RR for some time. But, I have had some recent changes, and finally managed to afford my dream :D