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yep, I'm new too - Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by catch-22, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. g'day all, thought I'd join up sooner rather than later. Am getting my L's in the next couple of weeks and am on the prowl for a suitable bike.

    Anyway, hope to attend some of the organised riding days etc....


  2. Welcome Caine, you'll get a lot of the ride days, that's for sure....
  3. Hi Caine, hope to see you out at Homebush sometime after you get your L's.
    Where abouts in Sydney are you from? I'm near CBD.
  4. sup


    enjoy the ride
  5. g'day Di...I'm in East Lindfield.

    Am heading out today to look at a Duc 620. The restricted model of course :)
  6. Hiya Caine


    Fun ha!
  7. Excellent, another Sydneysider. There aren't nearly enough of us.

    I'm not on the bike a whole lot at the mo but I'm out at Surry Hills if beers are ever on the agenda.
  8. East Lindfield eh?

    Nice neck of the woods, I spent my first 18 years there. Parental home is still there (just my dad now - lost mum to cancer ten years ago).

  9. Cheers all....pretty active site this one.

    Well went to look at the Duc and stopped to look at a Kawasaki Versys.....nice. But I will save this for my first official thread :)
  10. Welcome mate
  11. Welcome to NR, and good luck with getting your L's.
  12. Welcome to the nut house