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Yep I ran out of juice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by richo307, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. On my way home last week I used up all my fuel right down to the last fume.

    I changed to reserve the week before and made a mental note to fill up next time in town. Anyway had the flu etc and just getting over it and rode to work, on my way home I only got half way when cough splutter - oh oh.

    Had to ring the missis' and get her to bring me a jerry - oh the embarrassment!:oops::oops::oops:

    I haven't dropped it yet though.8-[
  2. that feeling you get when that cough happens, I did it in a work car was 100m from the servo and managed to coast into the driveway but couldn't make the bowser.

    I do find it fun to see how far I can go on the red light though (in the car) Kramer style, each time push it a little further... but running out not so fun.
  3. bahaha, im lucky enough not to run out yet, but i run out around 300kms on my bike and ran it to 298 last time hehe
  4. I reset the trip meter every single time I fill the bike up. I have forgotton to do so only a couple of times, and when I do, I fill up again.

    The fuel autocock thing stays on "auto" all the time, and never gets put to "reserve", except when I was practising switching it over just after I got my bike.

    I fill up at the next servo I pass (unless it's a 7-11 or similar) when my trip meter gets to 200 km. I put 7 ~ 7.5 L of fuel in and never need to hit reserve (I have no idea the fuel capacity of the VTR250 though, haven't looked it up or found out yet!)
  5. Good exercise to push the bike for a few kilometres
  6. I am really hoping that doesn't happen to me. Especially in the thick of traffic that would be bad. Going to make a quick check on how much fuel I've got left in my tank:bolt:.
  7. I don't see what the problem is, I always check how much fuel I have with my cigarette lighter.
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  8. I ran out of fuel going over the Westgate bridge (for those who don't know Westgate Bridge). Judging from the last 2 attempts of running it low, I should have had another 2km in it, however it was not so. I was maybe 50m from the top of the bridge when it died at 80km/hr, fortunately I had enough momentum to make it over the crest, hold the clutch in and coast down the hill to the servo. Phew!
  9. Been there done that. Only did it once, now I'm almost compulsive about checking the reserve tap EVERYTIME I get on the bike.
  10. Been there, done that, got the T shirt.

    (Well, OK, no T shirt).

    Fuel injected bike - no reserve tap, just a stupid blinking LCD that is hard to see in teh sun through a tinted visor....
  11. Yeah I miss my reserve tap. You can never be sure when the light has actually come on. I've got about a 7 km window from fist fading on to be fully on and many bikes are worse than this. Makes a difference if you don't' see it fade into existence.
  12. My second day of riding EVER.... I ran out. I was told that I would know when it was running low as it would start running rough- just switch it over to reserve "you'll be right .... It gave me a whole 3 seconds of running rough and stopped - I wanted to get off the road as I wasn't sure what was going on, turned around to indicate, the stupid young girl behind me was texting on her mobile, accelerating up my ass. Needless to say I started flapping my arms like a lunatic to get her attention and stop her before she ran right over the top of me..... Thankfully she looked up,did the " oh, sorry" and stopped. I got off the road switched it to reserve, kicked it over and went on my merry way to 7-11 and filled up.
    Then yesterday, AFTER filling up, I broke down.... Bike just lost acceleration as if it were out of juice but I knew better. Once again I get off the road onto footpath and push it up to the nearest servo ( plenty of people laughing - girl / lplates.... Must be out of petrol " idiot".... So then I had a few guys standing around trying to sort it out -apparently not an idiot - just one of those things.

    Anyway moral of the story - shit happens. The more of this shit that happens to me and I survive the more experience I gain. I just hope I survive them all. Lol.
  13. Only having a 5L tank on the MadAss makes for a worrying trip if I'm going long distance or getting stuck in traffic.

    I'm not sure how far 1-2L will get bigger bikes, but I am going to look into buying a couple of the MSR (or other branded) 1L fuel bottles to carry with me.
  14. I'm sure I will be paying more attention to where the fuel tap position is from now on.
  15. My last 3 bikes had fuel gauges so never had the trouble of no fuel

    my new CB400 has no fuel gauge (from memory) and just a fuel light that comes on when i have little fuel left, ill be doing the trip check hahaha :)
  16. I don't understand why you need to check all the time? Is it not like a car?

  17. Unfortunately not all bikes have a fuel indicator of any kind (gauge/coloured lights/etc). So you basically have to judge how much you have left via the speedometer. Most bikes have a reserve which you can switch to, giving you maybe another 2L...about 20km depending on your fuel eco to get to the nearest petrol station.
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  18. first time i ran out of fuel was on the hume just south of shittagong nsw and next door to the belanglo state forest (Where Mr Milat did his business).

    I hiked off the hume through the bush and a field to find the old hume highway, then nervously hitchhiked into town with a champ of a bloke (considering he picked me up, drove me to the shell, then back to my bike, then chaperoned back to the shell to get the rest of it)

    But i was still fairly nervous ...

    edit: if you have a fuel light or a gauge then running out of gas is a bit awkward, but yeah as others have said most bikes prior to the introduction of lcd speedo's didnt have fuel gauges, you just use the odometer (not very helpful as sometimes you ride hard, sometimes into a head wind, etc). My old bike, the one i ran out of fuel on, didnt have a useful main tank, and so was always ran on reserve.
  19. Tip: Shaking the bike will, generally, squeeze out another k' or two (by getting the last dregs of fuel into the lines).

    My VFR has an analogue fuel gauge... that I pay almost no attention to. 'S not accurate enough to put much faith in.
  20. My VTR didn't give me much time when it started running rough and dropping revs rapidly doing 100km/h on Pacific Motorway. I knew where the fuel tap is as I have practised heaps but with winter gloves on, it is not that easy!!! Plus having to balance the bike at high speed (albeit dropping) with right hand and watching the car right behind me.

    Fuel tap turns to off at quarter turn and then reserve at 180 degrees turn, so I was also nervous about not turning enough and switching it to off :/