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Yep, I have come off...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Owen, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Just thought i would give my little story on how i had my first stack.

    Riding along morphett rd toards anzac hwy (for you SA'ians) on wednesday night, started pissing down rain. In middle lane, car coming towards me in opposite lane on other side of a traffic island. he comes to do a u-turn, "sees me" and stops, (im abotu 30m away) say to myself 'cool he has stopped', get within about 4m and he skids out in front of me blocking 2 lanes (alsmost seemed deliberate) unable to swerve because i didnt know what direction he is going i slam the brakes on, lock the wheels, pretty much start aqua planing from so much water, skide for 10 m or so, bikes goes down, i bail and slide on my back for about 20m, can see that the guy isnt gonna stop so i jump and lift my visor to get his plate number, then realise shit i am still travelling about 40kmhr and get launched forward superman style (DONT GET UP WHILST SLIDING!), by the time i look up again he has cruised off! A few seconds later, cars come up behind me, NOT ONE PERSON STOPPED TO SEE IF I WAS OK, they just detoured around me on my bike laying on the ground. I cant believe no one offered a hand, there is something wrong with this world.

    Damage Report: Walden Miller leather jacket (untouched), left glove has tear in pal, right glove fine, helmet scratched in visor and front mouth gaurd bit, wasnt wearing my draggins, just normal jeans, they tore through at the knee.

    Only got a graze on my knee and some brusied ribs!!!

    Bike is......a bit %^#ed, handlebars go one way, forks go another, wheel goes another. Bent gear lever, broken headlight, massive scratch on tank.


    Life is Grand!
  2. Once again a driver precipitates an accident and leaves the scene, once again other motorists ignore the plight of a downed rider. This is a world almost totally devoid of compassion or soul.

    Owen good to hear that you are (relatively) ok

    Why don't you publish a list of the bits you need to get going again, and maye some of the friendly, compassionate Netriders might have some of them kicking around in the back of the shed??
  3. yeah, i did the back slide into a superman a couple of weeks back... apparently it looks wicked impressive, especially if you can get up and walk away from it (which thankfully we both could).

    people said to me, 'better a broken bike than a broken you'... it didn't make me feel any better at the time but since then i've come to realise that i had a lucky escape.

    you've got your off out of the way now, learn from it and move on. glad to hear you're reliatively ok :)
  4. sorry to hear about your off.... and yeah people are out to look after themselves, it's a shame.

    Glad to hear you are relatively ok........
  5. Sorry to hear about your crash & good to hear that you came out of it pretty much unhurt, thats pretty terrible if cars came up behind you and didn't even bother to stop to help.
    Hopefully you can get your bike fixed pretty cheap
  6. god damn those people who didnt stop to see if u were ok. i live in adelaide too and i know what u are talking about. hope u get the guy good and sue his ass. its good to hear u didnt get any serious damage but still its sad to see a rider down and all the other cars not stopping to see how u were.
  7. That really sux mate. :cry: Glad to hear you are relatively ok. :) Shame on those drivers who didn't stop to assist you. :twisted: :twisted:

    I hope your bike is back on the road soon.

    :D :D
  8. Did you end up getting his rego number?

  9. Thats FUBAR Owen, sorry to hear mate!

    Didn't happen to get a good look at the car at all did you?? Eg. make / model / what the noob driving looked like, we're in the worlds biggest country town here, and someone might have bragged they almost killed a biker already...
  10. Jeeeeeesus buddy that's an utter shafting.

    The guy that caused it: PRICK.

    The drivers who didn't stop: EVEN WORSE.
  11. I can't BELIEVE that drivers just swerved around you, and the bike!!

    It's is truly DISGUSTING :(
  12. Sorry to hear about whats happened mate. I assume that despite trying to have a look at the plate you didnt get it?

    A similar thing has happened to my car recently where someone has crashed into it whilst it was parked and left no note. I now have to foot the insurance excess to repair it! Wish I had have caught the guy doing it!!
  13. No cameras around? If they drive like this they might have tripped a speed camera.. just thinking out loud.
  14. People like that are messed up. And what makes it even worse is people drove around you, like you're just a road obstacle!?!!? I always knew this world was sick, but this has just gone to the next level. Glad you're ok, better the bike than you.

  15. Sorry to hear about your fall.
    I think it just depends where you are as to if the drivers will stop.
    My first bike drop nobody would stop and I was in a housing estate.
    My last bike drop 5 cars pulled over (some blocking traffic) to rush over and see if I was OK even though I was standing up.
    I guess you can never tell!
    I fear I'm becoming a pro at accident responses :oops:
  16. and the community wonder why road rage is on the increase!!
    ARRGGHHH makes me angry and i wasn't even there.
    I always dream of a scenario for when that happens to me, and it always goes like this... car pulls out, instead of braking I spear the bike straight into the car (at the driver if possible) and jump clear over the top of the car, roll once (if I don't land on my feet), turn around and see the driver spread throughout the car with a face full of honda.
    has someone done this, please tell me it's possible??
  17. dude! that sucks!!!!!!! what a prick *&(*&#@#&( grrrrr
  18. yeah that really grates dude, I can't believe people just drove around you??!

    There's some real dickheads out there!
    At least you are able to write in about it from home though eh?
  19. jaaaayzes.
    dude that blows goats... good to hear no major injuries.
    I dumped my bike this week (in a much less spectacular way) in the middle of melbourne cbd, same thing. People just swerved to avoid me and kept driving, even a copper.

    note to self... do not rely on people to help out if I have a major off.
  20. Why is so many 250 riders stacked ? Ride a bigger bike I say!