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Yep, another bike thread. R6 *Finishd custom paint PICS Pg1*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tim650, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. One thing i can say is bikes are addictive, this is bike number 4 since in 15months, and still currently owning 3 :shock:
    But i must admit something has to go, and soon.

    The latest being a 2006 Yamaha R6, in the white and red.

    This is the first sportsbike i've owned, so getting used to sitting in a position where it feels like im tryin to do a handstand will come with time. But i have picked up and ridden my friends Ducati 749s a few times and those things are worse, my wrist hurts on that, (doesnt hurt yet on the Yammy), and the undertail exhaust on the Duke heats up like a MOFO and is raising the temperature in my balls sack probably killin my semen :LOL:

    This is also the first 4-cyclinder bike i've ridden.. Its soo different to my er6n in delivery. The er6 feels like it has soo much more torque and effortless accelration below 4000rpm. Then again its 50cc bigger. The R6 has nothing below 4000rpm, and it really starts to pull like a train at 7000rpm and go on much much higher and it does so smoothly :cool:

    Anyways, these threads are USELESS without pics, so less chat and here she is.


    Sorry took a while, weather has been crap.. Went for a ride today, very windy, twigs and tree branches all over the road.. But got some pics in.. You still cant see the detail in the paint but you get the idea..Im no photographer as well lol. Best i can do.

  2. nice mate, nice, i got a 08 R6, as stated in my sig, good fun eh
  3. V nice bike :D

    Thinking I still want an R6 once I get my unrestricteds :>
  4. Very nice Tim :grin:
    Got your fulls finally hey?
    I'm sure I don't have to say this, but I do in every other new bike thread. I'm very jealous, I hate you, and November won't come around soon enough :LOL:
    Stay safe and enjoy!
  5. and dont forget to take your finger away from the lense when u take photos :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Haha, yeah camera phone.

    Thanks guys, these little crotch rockets are soo much fun :grin: Lookin forward to taking it through National soon-ish, once i get some insurance.

    Dont want to risk it, and the homosexual rego label came off :( Gotta get a new one now.
  7. Someone scammed you good!!! those rego plates have nothing on them!!!

    Take it back....
  8. Nice :!:

    But get some stick and lose the chicken strips :p
  9. Haha, but i can go through red light camera's :LOL:

    Hang-on just got it yesterday, its soo light to manouvre so shouldnt be a problem :p
  10. The key words that will forever haunt my mind when I think of r6's now are "ballsack" and "semen". Thanks a lot.
  11. Not when you think of R6's, i was referring to my mates Duke 749, after riding one of those, your not left with a 'ballsack' or 'semen' :LOL:
  12. Oh I know what your referring to, it's just the whole image/text assosciation :p
  13. Love my R6, u will too! But hey whats with all the bikes tho seriously haha!
  14. Haha, i didnt plan to have 3 bikes, too many registrations and insurances, just payed the my car the other day :( But as i said, im gonna sell the others, i'd probably end up getting another one after that because i wouldnt know what to do with the money :LOL:
  15. niceeeee, i wanna get a new R6 now! riding a 99' :(
  16. Nice, Tim, I DO like that 'arrow-head' red paint job on that model.
  17. Cheers Paul, yeah i always liked the white and red colour scheme before it changed to the 08's with the two tone black on the bottom, its a nice pearl white too which looks good in the flesh.
  18. just put oggys on mine and the Jardine GP1 slip on goes on tomorrow, cant wait to hear it

  19. ... still better than Feb 2010! :roll:

    Nice work Tim!!! :grin:
    White's my next best-est favourite colour ... to blue! :grin:
  20. Yeah a mate has a jardine on his black 08 R6, i love them pipes, they sound just raw and LOUD... but thats the way, uh huh uh huh i like it :LOL:

    Blacknblue - thanks champ.