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Yemen, nice place for a holiday....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by russ, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. if you happen to be my girlfriend. :eek:
    there was a gun battle at one of the sites 16 hours before she visited... how quaint 8-[

    still i'm sure she would have been fine, what with her armed guard and all...
    unfortunately most photos were taken around the middle of the day, because it was too dangerous to travel at dawn/dusk/night (especially for a woman, alone)...

    So here are some photos (currently unedited) of some of the places and things she saw. Its a small selection (out of 2000 :shock: )





  2. My old man worked over there many years ago - think it was a much safer place back then though since he never had any problems or concerns over safety. Of course that may have been helped by the fact he looked like one of the locals.
  3. Awesome photos.
  4. +1. Dat's good work! :)
  5. Some of those photo's are absolutely stunning, in particular the woman and the Mosque. That one is beautiful, captures so much.

    What was the motivation to visit? Work, study or just tourism?
  6. dude... awesome photos, thanks for putting them up,

    what camera was she using? the clarity is breath taking...
  7. there are some fabulous photos on your site.
    It's obvious they have been post processed to bring up some stunning results in terms of lighting.
  8. I know nothing about photography but they are very stunning, your girlfriend must really know her way around a camera :grin:

    ps that's not supposed to sound dodgy :LOL:
  9. +1 on the brilliant photos!

    however, :LOL: , those megaphones look somewhat out of place at the mosque, dontcha think?

    anyway, to stuff. thanks for posting :)
  10. tourism...
    she didn't know anybody that had been to Yemen, so she wanted to go!

    There is one distinct photo whose exposure and tint has been heavily changed in RAW (shown below), however none of the rest of the Yemen photos have had any colour/contrast adjustments aside from what I would call compensating for lightrooms RAW processor .


    I'm trying to convince her to put together a photographic book. She's a genius with the camera. And shes been to some of the most exotic places in the world.
  11. I remember hearing from a few travellers that, only a few years ago, it was pretty much part of the tourist 'experience' in Yemen to be kidnapped and held for a day or two. I understand it was a sort of custom that when members of another clan travelling through, one or two were held to ensure the behaviour of the others. They were usually held in great comfort and treated to the best in hospitality before being delivered back to their group unharmed.
    The tourists (apparently) loved it. Unfortunately, a few years ago, some Al Qaida-inspired extremists got in on the act and executed a few Europeans. End of that party.
    Looks like an interesting place, death threats aside.
  12. Not for spreading propeganda ;)

    But I do love the photos, and would be a great lookng place to visit. Unsure about the kidnapping custom tho :shock:
  13. Stunning photgraphy, she has a talent there. :grin:
    ^ As Im sure Dave is alluding to Joel, the megaphones are for the call to prayer. Its standard issue with most of the larger mosques I saw and actually one of the most beautiful things Ive ever heard. :music: I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing this phenonema on a brief 4 day stop over in Dubai. It echo's through the lanes and off all the stone buildings. Really ancient feel and sound to it. If you look at top of towers, you can just make out the megaphones.

  14. Absolutely breathtaking! Couldn't help but pass the link to a few friends... Your girl has in every way captured the beauty of this place!
  15. spectacular place, spectacular photos - thanks for sharing them russ.

    ditto. i stayed on the roof of a youth hostel in jerusalem years ago. nothing like being woken at 4.00am to the sound of the mosques springing to life and looking out over the rooftops at sunrise. i wish i had the same talent as your girlfriend with a camera. fab stuff.