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the yellow canary

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  2. Nice. I've always liked the older Monsters in yellow. Which model?
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  3. Cheers Cam/Sim, Canary Yellow not my choice in the overall scheme of things. Last yellow bike owned was XS1b Yamaha 650 :) in 1969.
    Just updated the detail on NR so there's a little gossip. '99 M900 hybrid with 19,000 clicks. Last of the carburetor aspirated models (now with oversized jetting courtesy of trade mate) & fully adjustable "s" style front suspension ... the stock forks were fkn useless. Brembos a delight. Now fully registered as a solo, clear title & a deep sigh of relief. AND I can fully service the fkr without a diagnostics box of tricks. All credit to Bevan & Gary at Eurotwins in Brisbane & long haul Forecycles Engineering mates.
    Getting it on the road was almost as much dollar as purchase price.
    It's excellent value to arrive downtown sydney & have this at my disposal given the gridlock status of the place. No ABS, injection & basic ECU is ideal as well.
    Only thing I'm missin' is a tachometer - like keep lookin' for it:wtf:. Given time & money it's on the wishlist.
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