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Yellow Anchor Plate Lost - Nodz

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nodz, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Lost the yellow anchor plate today.
    Amazing how much faster bike goes.
    Only 365 days to go.
    Get yourselves down to see Mel at Ride-Tek. He was brilliant (shameless plug). He gave me a real confidence boost and you could visibly see the improvement in my riding as the day progressed. Went from only being able to do widish corners to scraping hero bolts on decreasing radii corners...:LOL:
    Well done Hans and Tony that also passed today.
    Thanks Mel, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and not once did I have to ask for clarification, all information was concise, succinct and expertly expressed.
    Don't forget the Netrider discount as well for June/July.

  2. woohoo! well done mate... now you can look down your nose at all the L platers...
  3. Congrats Nodz...well done!!!! Ridetek is good 8) ...lol
  4. Way 2 go Nodz Congrats! Now the Night Hawk will really fly! Trust me!
  5. Now all I have to do is save up for Mel's Ducati that he's selling...:LOL:
  6. Is this because there is lower wind resistance form losing the L plates? :D
  7. Well done nodz, but tell me you'll hang on to the nighthawk!! :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Well done Chris, the next 365 days will fly by :D :D
  9. Congrats & Well done.
  10. Congrats Nodz - I bet you're glad it wasn't pissing down today!
  11. Congrats Nodz!
  12. well done nodz.. what a feeling hey !!
  13. Well done Nodz. :D
  14. Congrats to you Nodz :) You must have removed the speed limiter of the CB :) Upgrade time soon?

    And doesn't their new ad banner beneath the navigation look very spiify :)
  15. Congrats!! And you're spot on how much faster the bike goes without the yellow anchor. Also in regards to Ride-Tek :) These guys just rock!

    Hope to be able to go on a ride with you sometime.
  16. Looks great Jason :D
  17. Well done Nodz!!

    :D :D
  18. Well done mate, just dont look at your bike more that two times a day from behind.....people will think your paranoid or have a serious problem :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Enjoy the pleasures of No plate freedom
  19. congrats mates......
  20. Yay! Well Done Chris :)