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Yelled so hard my visor fogged up

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by KANGA, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. So anyone in sydney today knows how hard its raining. Before I had even pulled out of the drive area of where I work I had hit so many puddles my feet felt like I had been jumping in em like a kid (got wet weather gear for everything else).
    So about 5 minutes later I'm riding down a residential street, about 40 meters ahead of me is a car. Street was really dark, parked cars lining each side of the road, its pretty wide so I was buffering to the right since there was no incoming traffic.
    Suddenly, with headlights off, no indicators on, this ****ing moron pulls out of his spot straight in to performing a U turn ... shit
    I kick straight in to emergency braking, my front and rear wheels start shaking to buggery, horn blaring, then my rear wheel starts to slide out. Needless to say I'm scared shitless. The guy driving the car stops ... right in front of me, across the lane like a deer caught in the head lights.
    The bike finally stops, I would say with in about a meter off the car. At this point my thumbs still on the horn and my visor which was cracked open for defogging has completely fogged up cause if the expletives I'm throwing at the driver. I don't know if they tried to apologize or anything, with all the rain and the fogged up visor I can't say, but for some reason they were in a real hurry to get out of there.
    Anyway composed my self, lifted my visor up and wiped the condensation off it and rode the rest of the way home incident free.
    God only knows what would have happened if a car or some heavier vehicle was behind me. I can only assume that the driver didn't see me and had decided he was going to pull out once the car in front of me had gone past.
    Anyway I'm home safe and sound now with my feet in front of the heater. All things considered that's a damn good outcome.

  2. Left the bike at home today for that very reason - morons.

    Glad you're alright. At least the person stopped, albeit in front of you, which kind of passively indicates his or her own acknowledgement at wrong doing.

    Here's hoping tomorrow is at least a little bit more forgiving in its weather.
  3. The fsckwit quotient has rapidly increased since yesterday's rains started.

    A white hatch pulled in front of me [I sensed he would do it and positioned myself accordingly] with no warning. Then a scooter, stopped for a red light outside Sydney uni, suddnely gunned through with no lights on as I was almost in the intersection. Another scooter raced past my left while at the lights, missing me by inches. He then continued his arsehattery with the rest of the traffic.

    Still, it's fun in its own way.
  4. Whilst i'm no longer afraid of riding in the rain, i avoid it due to the blind cagers. Glad to see you guys stayed safe.
  5. I cant belive anyone went riding in the rains we have had for the last few days. Good to hear you were able to stop in time, stupid people in the rain i swear they think "Its raining so hard that i can barely see, so i better just take the gamble and go now"
  6. they should bring back capital punisment for random u-turners.
  7. And that, is why I now walk with a limp.
  8. No excuses for this kind of driving, but here is some food for thought:
    I spent a couple of days last week driving a company ute in that rain. And was amazed to find that a head-check in it was useless - look over your shoulder and you're staring smack-bang at the B-pillar!
    Queue some tentative, defensive driving from NK!
    And the realisation that if even some people want to, they just can't see us...