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Yeha! got me L's and went for me first ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by thecptn, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Well im happy to say I finnaly got them! at 5pm today I went for a 8k journey round and round my block, and what can i say? ohmyshitthisissoooblooodyfun! it was fantastic! all except the falcon xr8 who got to close on my behind, and that rider who didnt nod me :evil: :LOL: other than that!....its the definition of fun.

  2. Ahh, good! He likes it. Everything's going according to plan. :twisted:
  3. nice one mate, take it easy and have a ball, and damn those riders who don't return the nod :x
  4. Congratulations and welcome to the club. The best one to be in !
  5. 11 months of riding and that feeling hasn't gone away for me. Ask me again in 20 years and I suspect it'll still be there.

    Congratulations and welcome!
  6. If I see you, I promise I'll nod.
    Welcome to the Incurable Ward!!!
  7. hahah thanks for that ;) im gunna take her for another spin, around 9 or 10, dead quite :D oh..btw, im 100% non squid from toe to head ;)
  8. \:D/ good to hear you are both enjoying and looking yourself.
  9. congrats mate! I went for my first ride on saturday too...

    HELL YEAH! :D You can say that again! I got my bike mainly for commuting (also for fun though), but I can't get off the thing. Take last night for example: I got home from work, and I was about to put her in the garage and go inside, but I thought to myself "I don't wanna turn her off just yet, I wanna go for a ride!". So I did, and I didn't get home till about 9:30!

    I've done >500kms already, and I haven't really even ridden anywhere yet - this is just cruising around! :D

    Yeah, that sucks, but it's nowhere near as bad as when they try to change lanes/merge over you... :evil:

    glad to see you're enjoying it too! :D
  10. Thanks man..wow.. I went for a 3rd ride today, covered 40ks, and what can I say?? cage drivers are utterly stupid!! no...I realy mean that! wow, riding on a motorcycle is a truely humbling experience, and it opens your eyes to the idiots called sydney cagers, I never knew...I was riding at 50kph, when this dolt in his toll express van who was tailgating, after taking off slowly from a roundabout, he sticks his head out of the window and calls me an effin wanker! the nerve! ive got an L plate too :evil: of course I wasnt phased (much) by his idiotic comment, and kept my cool and continued around the round a bout, tailgaters!! have you heard of a 3 second gap!? get of me arse! oh man, how many cagers just blindly change lanes without looking ok all you cagers, give us them licences, you cant have em! :evil: off with there arms! how ever this didnt hamper my love for riding one bit, its not the motorbike that is dangerous, its the cagers that are, would you believe im already getting the itch for a bigger bike lol, dont get me wrong, the virago has suprising pulling power, but I could use..much more to pull away quickly from them turds on 4 wheels :LOL: ...any way, stay safe out there guys. :)
  11. thecptn welcome to the world of how to stay alive whilst on the road. It is all about position, position, position, position, keep our distance and hopefully you will be safe, simple rule is, if you cant see them, then they can't see you.
    Congrats also on getting your L's, just keep getting out there as much as you can, also don't let these idiots get the better of you.
  12. After riding in Melbourne for three and a bit days I can categorically state that Melbourne drivers are grand prix champions compared to the ignorance, hostility and general blahhh of Sydney drivers! Just be careful, mate!
  13. mmm, the "nod".... only seen a coupla posts about that :wink:

    "Nodded" to a bike cop the other day, when he nodded back I damn near fell off the bike! 8) Even "Nodded" the postie today, yup, he showed the proper respect and nodded back :p (posties are cool, cos they ride postie bikes, so my daughter told me)

    Yes mate, tis fun alright, most fun you can have with your clothes on I reckon. (although some here would no doubt embark upon a naked ride if they coukd get away with it :shock: )

  14. In warmer climes than tassie, many already have.... :LOL:
  15. Makes you wonder what the correct answer is, when the casualty nurse asks how you managed to get gravel rash there.

    Then reaches for the scrubbing brush... :facepalm: