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YeeHaa: upgrade shopping is fun!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Brmmm, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. So I've been off restrictions for a while and thinking about my next bike. Currently ride a CB400 and have been very happy with it. As the guy in the bike shop asked today: "is it time for an upgrade?" I could really only reply, no, not really, but you cant own just one bike in your life.

    The first suspect for interrogation was a W800. I really like the whole vibe of the Bonnie/W650/Cafe racers generally/that bike in the Dragon tattooo movie (CL350?)/Deus etc. And was really looking forward to the test ride. However, it was a big diappointment for me. It kinda felt like a toy bike or a bike for the older gent to take for a gentle cruise on a Sunday. Felt too small and seemed to have less zip than the CB. Very upright. Obviously more vibrations than my I4. I expected more torque.

    Next off the mark was the Street Triple. Was a second hand one with lots of bling and the Arrows full race exhaust. Had really been expecting to like it. Felt pretty comfortable but the zaust just didnt sound right to me. Not the right colour. Really was more after the R version. I remain pretty undecided about this one, but it seems a pretty good price so I might end up with it, or another one like it. Not many white ones around - that's the best colour of the ones I've seen.

    So the main competition for this might be the Brutale 675. Well I can't ride that one, so I went to the MV dealer and asked for the next closest thing. They had this older limited edition Brutale 910. They didnt have the most recent one which is a 920.

    Took the 910 for a spin in the mountains today through my favourite twisties - a series of 45kph indicated corners. The dealers gave me lots of advice to take it easy - said the previous test rider came back having scared himself!! This bike was really a beast. Unfortunately not at all suited to commuting which is a big part of my riding. Just way too twitchy in the throttle. But it was incredibly agile. The comfort factor/ergonomics felt just right. This bike, however, just wants to be ridden fast. I think I could get used to that ;) but there were a few other issues:

    1. unless you really short shifted it had a lot of vibrations that made the mirrors totally useless
    2. the indicator control was really just a tiny uncomfortable button - perhaps no one who owns these uses them or the mirrors??
    3. the rear brake pedal was horrendous - way too small.
    But even so, I came to the dealer with a huge grin and wondering how soon I'd get another ride on something like this.

    The dealer recommended a Brutale 1090. Now I just need to find the oppotunity for a decent spin on that one.

    Defintely thinking about bypassing the 675, but its going to remain pretty tempting.

    lets see...
  2. fuckyeah.jpg, it's sitting in my room right now with crap in it from having a coles ribena knock off. I got the mug for free too, by not-so-subtly hinting that i wanted one. =D
  3. Give the Brutale 920 a shot, by all reports its got a better balance of power thats easier to handle..

    Also the 910 was pre the refinement they gave this bike, all the reviews I have read say the newer ones are miles better than the old..

    Also the 1090 is a mad SOB, it is a bike I will own one day, but not yet, I am not ready for something like that....
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  4. MV for sure!! such beautiful bikes, however i hear it takes a long time to get the parts made and sent over from italy if things go wrong.

    But **** that get it anyway.
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  5. MV sounds good and I pretty much love the look of all of them but know I am too weak to just take one for a test ride and leave it at that.

    I'll admit I am totally biased but as a weekday commuter and weekend toy, I would suggest taking an Aprilia Shiver for a test ride if you haven't already. Sadly mine gets used mainly for commuting but the changable mapping (rain, touring, sport) do have a very noticeable impact on the way it runs making it a very versatile choice. I won't say its for everyone but worth a look see.
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  6. Thanks, that sounds good. The local dealer did not have a 920, but there is one in Sydney I might get a chance to ride.
  7. KTM Superduke is worth riding as well. I may be slightly biased there though.
  8. Depends what you're using it for and how much you're prepared to pay for fixing it. MV's are beautiful bikes and ride fantastically, BUT when something goes wrong, and it will, it costs a lot and as someone mentioned here the wait times on parts are long.