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Yeahhh Brah! Finished 13 Years Of School!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by christrails, Nov 5, 2012.



  2. Congrats! I'm not even going to pick on the shitty spelling cos I (vaguely) remember how it feels. Enjoy :)
  4. school is the slowest passing of time you'll ever experience,

    every year from here on in will go real fast
  5. Fk, im so old I don't even remember the feeling of finishing school :-(
  6. Congrats. Now instead of spending 6.5 hours a day with frequent breaks and long holidays you'll get to spend 8+ hours a day with much less free time in a job :LOL:.
  7. Congrats mate! Now time to party up
  8. Now its uni, perhaps post grad studies, and that other thing you need to do called work.

    Soon you'll realise you've just finished the easiest part of your life. :ROFLMAO:
  9. As a third year uni student, and just completing my 1 year full time work placement....I miss high school so much.
  10. Mate. School was the best part of your life. Now comes the fun part.

    Yeah, uni's fun too but even if you graduate you'll never find the job you're qualified for and wind up working graveyard shift for an 18yr old Indian boss at the servo making $4.50 an hour to scrub the dunny at 5am every morning of vomit & poop from the yr 12 kids the night before.

    You'll wind up marrying a woman you can't stand the sight of day after day after day after day...You'll have kids that will tell you they hate you & wish they'd never been born. Your mongrel wife will make you sell your bike & muscle car as you now have a mortgage so huge it will take 2 generations to pay off.

    Welcome to age spots obesity, diabetes, heart disease and struggling to make it up one flight of stairs evey single miserable day of your life as you work for a slob of a man who shows you pictures of his Milan holiday and 40ft yacht.

    You'll remember these days now with a tear in your eye, wonder where it all went so wrong as you pray for the sweet embrace of death as you stare down the barrel of a shotgun in your mouth as you try to squeeze the trigger with whats left of your toes.
  11. Congrats, however are you planning on going to uni? If so, that's another 3+ years of studying unfortunately. If you are doing a trade...good luck and have fun :). Time will fly.

    High school was fun but uni days are so much more fun. More freedom and you can legally do stuff that you couldn't in high school. Downside about uni, discipline and motivation to study and do good...I had neither, but I passed but not with flying colours. You will miss uni once you get a full time job though...I miss it and probably go back and do a Phd if there is no money in research.
  12. You eventually forget school and realise what a twat you were to complain about how hard it all was.

    Fark, uni was fun compared to later. Enjoy the rat race.
  13. I miss school :(

  14. Someone needs a hug
  15. What primary school was it ?
  16. yeah i have my last exam on Friday then it a party for a few weeks fcuk!!!!!!! yeah
  17. Congrats man, hope you get good results in your exams also.

    I remember coming home from my last exam, sitting slowly into my favorite chair and cracking a beer. fcuking awesome feeling.

    Party hard and ride harder for the next few months, between school and uni/tafe etc (if thats your goal) are the last real holidays you get, where you have NOTHING to do, after that you got a long road ahead till retirement. Especially for our generation, which will for sure be scammed out of our super by the government setting the retirement age to at least 95 by the time we get there.
  18. Yep, grade six was the best four years of my life too!
  19. Go nuts. Don't waste the next 4months working like I did...
  20. I don't like being touched...:rolleyes: