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yeah, yeah, stewy can't ride - scaphoid fracture

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stewy, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Well, what a shit day it's been today :cry: all started when i left for work an hour earlier then normal, wanted to start early , so i could finish early and get lenna back out on bike, before the rains sets back in for the week.

    So down the court, around the first corner just fine, head up towards stud road where the road kinks left and then right before you reach the lights, as i was approaching i see a few cars waiting in line and lights still red.

    Well all going just like every other morning until i start to counter steer it through the left turn only to get a sinking front end slide happening as it just drifted and slide.....well i seems to slide for what seemed like ages before coming to a stop still pinned under the bike. (tried to stay with it save and reduce any damage to lenna system + i have just had it powder coated) so i was sure as hell was determined to try and reduce any damage it would take, well yep that was a bad decision on my part.

    So bike and me now laying in middle of road, ah good fun time of motorcycle eh.... pick bike up, shit wait thats right wrist is a little sore rest of me feels fine, ride all 750m back home, where i check myself out....mostly ok but of a sore foot, bumped one on one knee.

    So this wrist is still a bit sore, lets just go get a check up done.....praying and hoping for just a sprained wrist....nope of course i had to fracture the scaphoid, so now my right arm is in a cast for what could be the next 6 weeks :cry: got another check up tomorrow but first xray's only show a very minor fracture. So hopefully it a quick and full recovery (fingers crossed)

    So thats my day....really what is the most annoyed about is one it's a turn i ride/drive through daily and i still have no idea why it let go :oops: :? (i assume i just pushed to hard on cold tyres) and lastly is letting down lenna as now i can't get her out by myself and to this i kick myself over and over :mad: it was such a stupid farking mistake

    Bike came off fairly well...probably due to having i nice cushy 78kg item in between it and the road

    So there i know there are a heap of you all lining up waiting for this so knock yourself out(literally) :p

    cheers stewy :oops:
  2. Hope it heals well Stewy. I'm sure Loz will agree, that scaphoid fractures are NO excuse! :rofl: :p
    Seriously, all the best with the recovery mate :)
  3. Bugger!!!! 2 close friends crashing in 2 days. I'm staying off my bike for a while I think :shock:
    Hope the arm heals quickly Stewy. I'm sure Lenna is more worried about you than when she can get on the bike again.
  4. Ahhhg bugger! :( That's crappy news mate. Fractures can never be much fun but I'm glad it wasn't more serious. :)

    If you guys need help with anything while you're injured, be sure to sing out ok. :)
  5. Rotten, rotten, ROTTEN luck, mate. Hope it heals up quickly and successfully.
  6. :( No good buddy. Hope all repairs well and quick.
  7. Sorry to hear about the break Stewy. Hope it heals up 100% and in record time. How hard were you going? Sounds like something gave way well before you were expecting. No debris ont he road or otherwise?
  8. Stewy,
    bad news there mate, hope the recovery goes quickly for ya!


  9. Ouch, 6 weeks is a long time, but, better than a broken leg.
    As for why you slid? Could have been someone dropped a little oil on the road and you just happened to corner through the oil patch?
  10. what a bastard!! heal well mate
  11. That sucks Stewy. Hope you get better sooner rather than later :)
    If you need anything (medical wise), I work for an excellent orthopod :wink:

  12. yeah guys, i would really love to blame something else, but really the road looked as clean as it does every other day, but really nothing to me that looked different from any other day.

    As for speed, was going about about my normal pace, didn't change/anything (well actually i did, cos i came off) but recently i have been starting a hour later, but like i said above, today decided to start earlier i so i have just put it down to poor riding on cold tyres :oops: completely my fault
  13. Bugger to read this Stewy

    All the best with the recovery
  14. That's a bugger stewy. Fingers crossed it's as minor as it can be.
  15. Sorry to hear about the spill Stewy, hope it's a speedy recovery and you're back on the bike in no time (although 6 weeks will probably seem like an enternity, but look on the brightside, chrissie will last longer then!!) :beer:
  16. Oh no .......

    poor stewy, poor bike, hope there is not too much damage to all your hard work.

    Azz knows what it's like to have a broken scaphoid, hope yours heals quicker than his did (12 weeks before he could ride :( )

    I thought you were going to say you had tripped over (being a bit tipsy) on sat night :p
  17. Bugger! Glad it wasn't worse. Heart was in my mouth while reading and got the bit of you lying in the middle of the road with the bike on top.
    Try hard not to let the reason/cause of the drop eat at you too much, and let it go quickly. 3 years after my slow speed drop, not knowing why, and it still eats at me :( Wish I was able to let it go earlier instead of still trying to understand why.

    Hopefully Lenna will give you cause to remember how much the wrist hurts too :wink: :)
  18. Damn - sorry to hear that Stewy. Hope you're all healed up again real soon. :)
  19. $hit bugger $hit Stewy, sorry to hear!!

    Couldn't believe it when Jadey just told me you fractured your scaphoid, I really hope yours heals better and faster than mine did [-o<

    If there's anything you need, just give us a buzz coz just around the corner in Endeavour Hills...
  20. Shit dude! So sorry to hear :( I still owe you from when you helped me out so I'll swing by in the next week or so with some brewskies :)

    Hang tight mate, it'll be healed before you know it. Oh, and do EVERYTHING your physio says!