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Yeah it's another ninja 250R, but it's MY new Ninja 250R

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by thewolf, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. *grins* Picked up and ridden back, so I get a new bike and my first ride at the same time. I even managed to stay upright :)

    now if I can just get the piccies to show up here correctly...

    The (I have a new bike) Wolf


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  2. welcome to the family mate, your new life has begun :)
  3. I had one of those Wolfie! Great lil bike which I sometimes wish I still had for my daily commute to the daily grind. Enjoy!
  4. Nothing is sweeter than the day you bring home a new bike, nice ride too.
  5. Well only stalled it once on the way home. (Down Burwood highway :)

    It felt good to me, I suspect it's perfect for almost all the riding *i'm* going to be doing. current plans are to keep riding it around the back streets here until I'm comfortable enough.

    Parts of my journey back while I enjoyed it felt, well *I* felt nervious.
  6. Nice. The best one is the one that's yours!

    Enjoy it mate, take your time and you'll love every minute.
  7. Stalling once is no biggie, fun little bikes too.
    well done.
  8. congrats on the new bike, always nice to have something shiny and new in the garage.
  9. Congrats :)

    Friend of mine just sold his Blue Ninja 250 about a week or two ago. He loved it but he really wants more go (probably didn't help he was a bigger guy on a small, let's be honest quite gutless bike).

    I just wish Kawasaki built the engines on these bikes like the old Ninja's. More top end, more revs, more racey. The new ninja's are just sporty looking commuters with bugger all power and top end, it's like they went backwards but they're aiming for newbies and sporty commuters etc so I understand the changes.

    My advice is leave the standard exhaust on there as I haven't heard any good aftermarket pipes on these bikes :-(
  10. Thanks for the congrats.

    And I think Kawasaki might have built this bike just for me from descriptions sofar. The newbie who doesn't know better needing it for 'commuting' and occasional longer rides.

    So far just riding it around the local estates and 80 kmh roads I've found no issues with it. This includes going up a couple of relatively 'steep' hills (Around wheelers hill area) And trust me I qualify under a 'large' man :)

    I suspect it will be interesting to see how I'm going in twelve months time to see if I'm still 'in love' with the bike as I am now.

    The Wolf
  11. I like the shade of blue on the new 2010 ninja, I have the 2009 blue ninja. Just plan your overtakes well in advance, and you can blown about quite a bit of these bikes. Found that wearing leather reduced the problem a lot for me. You will find out when you ride the Eastlink between Rowville and Frankston on a real windy day.
  12. They do make the 2fiddys look good now don't they?

    Nice work. :)
  13. A lot of people think mine is a 600. LOL :)
  14. Gratz on the bike and nice choice even if I do say so myself :) ... my opinion isnt bias, I swear lol