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Yeah, I'm totally desperate!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by iliketoride, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Hi guys!
    This sounds totally wrong and something I'm not sure I want to do but I'm actually considering buying a scooter :(

    I go for my L's in 2 weeks and not cool with the fact that I can't afford a VTR or Hornet. A loan is out of the question as I've just started a new job and my income is true uni student style........ LOW!

    I thought a 125cc monaco would go ok, and give me some traffic experience on a bike but the more I think about sitting in that prissy postion with my legs together like a 'proper' virginal girl scares me... especially considering I'm a guy.

    Anyone in Adelaide got a 250 I can lease or have? :p I'm not really going to buy a scooter...... am I?

  2. if you liketoride, you'll find a way, and if a scooter is the way, then so be it
  3. NOthing wrong with getting a scooter Dan.
    Gets you on the road and get some experience under your belt.
    I nearly bought a Vespa for my first bike. When I looked at the price I was paying I realised I could save up that little bit extra and get a bike I always wanted. When I got my dream bike I found it wasnt for me, I converted from a Cruiser to a sport Naked.
  4. Go to the auctions and get a postie for about 1000 bucks ;)
  5. You're in uni probably have heaps of time in between classes, unless you take it seriously. If the budget is tight why not get a POS, great excuse to be late for classes, and you'll probably learn heaps too.

    Guide to buying a POS
  6. the first step (getting on two wheels) is the most important thing, once you've done that you'll be hooked and find ways (and have time) to get a more sexy toy down the track.

    i started on a 50cc scooter so there is hope for everyone! :grin:
  7. There's hundreds of cheaper, older model, used bikes for sale on the web and in the bike trader magazines.
  8. You'll be ok as long as you spread you legs while riding a scooter.
  9. Yeah, a scooter should get the traffic thing going I suppose.... I guess I just have to be patient and save.

    As for spreading my legs, if you say so dear :eek:
  10. just ride the scooter with your legs flailed apart. it would look cooler :p

    if all you can afford is a scooter then go for it mate. a start is a start. at least the petrol is cheap ^.^
  11. I'd love to have a Vespa, those things are sexy.
  12. just spread your legs and rest your left elbow on your thigh, have a fag hangin out of your mouth, and nod at everyone as if they're your mates.

    you might crash and die, but atleast you'll look cool :p

  13. If you can afford $1500 then you can get a reasonable 250, have a look around for a CB250.
  14. Yep, I'd agree with the above...

    Or the Postie bike auction. Sometimes you can pick them up for around $800, they're usually sold with new tyres and a service.
  15. Can't do the postie bike thing I'm afraid, my soul just won't let me. Hmmmm CB250 you say, I guess a bike is a bike and if I can't afford it I shouldn't be too picky.

    Nobby, that extreme scooter looks like a portable toilet with wheels, could be really handy!!!
  16. And before you guys say it, to me a postie is a scooter that wishes it was a real bike... but a scooter is a scooter, its more honest I guess and thats a bit easier to take.

    I'm not making much sense....
  17. Just say the CD250... what cute little rockin bike, I could seriously handle something with that old vintage thing going on. A bit like my long lost XR75 :( she died in a blaze of glory!!
  18. Hi iliketoride,

    I started with a 50cc scooter in January this year, by march I stepped up to a honda @125 scooter which was capable of highway speeds and would leave all the cars at the lights and boy did I get some looks :) but by June it had given me the road sense to buy a real bike 650cc and feel confident. I think scooters are becoming quite the fashion accessory specially here on the Gold Coast, now I have a real bike I am seeing more and more scooters getting around.