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yeah i'm an idiot, please help me!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by davesta, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Heey, got my bike checked for roadworthy today, its a depressing document :( . Basically its gonna need about 1500 to get it on the road and i'm reassessing the situation. Considering i only paid 2200 for it i'm thinking of selling it for what i can (hopefully 2k) and saving up a bit longer to get something in better nick thats got reg and rwc too, maybe another gpx or zzr or cbr.. Overall its mehanically good, and generally looks quite good too, its just a lot of little things that all add up that i didnt quite realise when i bought it. Your advice is heaps appreciated


  2. So whats wrong with it ?????
  3. and are you able to sell it without a roadworthy? You're not going to get much for it if you have to tell the next buyer that it needs $1500 spent right off the bat.

    If you like the bike, fit it and be happy to have it.
  4. Rear brake needs work, maybe caliper rebuild and possibly new rotor, few cracks on fairing and front mudguard, small crack on screen, rear shock not damping well, rear wheel bearings, steering stem bearings, sidestand switch, clutch switch and a few other odds and ends..
  5. dude, thats a sad ass list for a poor old kwacka, especially after forkin out 2k for it. In a word "reamed". it does need a little work but certainly not a couple of grand. buy the bits and grab a spanner mate.

  6. yeah can sell it without rwc.. Yeah sure i like the bike, but not really to the point where i wanna spend a heap of money and time when i could just put the money into something newer.. I could do a lot of the things myself, as i'm reasonably mechanically skilled and my dad is a mehanic, but parts prices would be a real killer...
  7. Mate, reamed is the word haha.. Still sore from it..
  8. Get a second hand rear brake unit...

    Cracks on fairings wont stop it getting rego... neither will a crack on the screen.

    Rear shock not damping well... this wont affect your roadworthy either I think.... since my GS500 passed it just fine and the rear shock was poked... In any case, you can get the rear shock rebuilt, its not that much...

    Steering stem bearings are really cheap... buy them and fit them yourself.... Probably only cost ya $30 bucks all up...

    Sidestand switch is not a requirement, bypass it....

    Replace the clutch switch yourself...

    Definitely not $1500 worth of stuff there to get a roadworthy...

    I would think more around the $400 mark... but then again, I dont know the extent of all the damage...

    Who did you get your quote from?
  9. OMFG you went to Camberwell motorcycles right?

    If so.... I have had shitty dealings with them.... They overcharge like a BULL!!

    Try UltiMoto.... They are awesome... Dave will sort you out I am sure....

    PM me if you want their details...
  10. If you have to spend $1,500 to fix the bike, I'd be saving that amount of money, selling the hulk to a wrecker and buying something else.
  11. Yeah camberwell motorcycles, how'd u guess haha. Are they really picky or something, i thought a lot of the stuff he picked really wasnt an issue. How on earth can u even look thru the screen anyway?? Guess i'm not a bike mech.. Yeah i'm happy to do most of the stuff myself, i downloaded a gen kwaka shop manual (luv internet). Shock is wearing off a bit, i thought i'd be a few bits and pieces, not a new guard for a small (repaired) crack! If camberwell motorcycles has a rep for being real tight with rwc can someone recommend somewhere else, i'm not trying to pull a dodgy but dont wanna spend heaps on little sh*t.. Thanks
  12. Got a bloke in Werribee who isnt bad, but he will do you for rear shock bushes, and undersize discs, if they are undersize obviously. but I have to agree with him on those points.

  13. oh yeah i got no problem with important safety stuff like that, thats fine, its just when things like 'screen missing one screw' are picked up that i get a bit narky.. I understand that things like brakes and suspension you dont muck around with, but some of the other stuff??he did it for an occasional rattle caused by the timing chain/or tensioner too, it runs nicely, think thats a bit over the top (tho i will replace it)
  14. Excellent example of why its always best to go without, save more
    & buy something worthwhile;

    & the next time u buy a bike, invest in a pre-purchase inspection.
    small outlay of approx $100 can save u $100's or $1000's in the
    longer term whether the bike u buying comes with RWC or not.

    See Pete the Pom for that. He did the inspection on my 1st purchase.

  15. yep, definitely will do from now on, looks like i've learnt the hard way!
  16. We all make mistakes bro. Thats how we learn.

    Just make sure not to make the same mistake twice
    when youre in a position to buy again. :wink:

    Remember, as with most things, u get what u pay for.
  17. Lots of good advice there.
    But, I'd go a simpler route. Remove screen and fairings, second hand brake assembly as stated earlier, throw a few new switches at it and go elsewhere for rego.
    If you aren't too mechanically inclined, have a go at the stuff you can do and get the rest done, but supply them with the second hand (or new if cheap) parts.
    Switches are usually very easy to replace, as are shocks.

    Regards, Andrew.

  18. Seconded! Damn good service!!!
  19. Yeah actually i was thinking bout that just b4 (removing the fairing), so i could remove it for rwc then put it back on later? I was thinking to myself that it seemed logical (jus makes it a naked, after all) but logic doesnt always prevail haha
  20. Just had another thought, if i remove the fairing i'll have to put front indicators on it, as they're attached to the fairing.. Food for thought anyway..