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Yeah, I see you, merging into me

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by lowercase, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. So, here's how it started.

    On the Harbour Bridge last night, heading north bound, going home.

    In the lane second from the left, next to the white unbroken line, I obviously have a feeling one of the guys in the left lane next to me will merge, I look for options but don't really have any. I figure, I'll deal with it if/when it happens.



    But yeah, the come into the lane as soon as the unbroken line finishes, not a moment later.

    I'm straight onto the horn and the revs, they haven't used their blinker, they're about 1/2 a metre into my lane... wait a second, they keep coming! revving the bike louder, instead of just a long beep of my horn, i now just hold it in, they're now RIGHT FARKING NEXT TO ME! i could touch their Merc. Benz if I just reached over, but I stay on the horn.



    I have absolutely nowhere to go! Cars on both side, the cars infront and behind.

    So, I'm sitting basically on the dotted lines.

    The car to my right has seen all this happen, and after what seems an age, the cars to HIS right finally have a gap he can squeeze into (my hero!), so I can finally move into the lane to my right.

    By that stage I had backed off a fair bit, and was almost behind both of them, only my front wheel was inbetween them.

    So... I finally get next to farktard deaf driver properly, and beep horn again, rev bike and give them the finger and swearing abuse (yes, I'm sure they couldn't hear me, but they looked at me and didn't even look apologetic in the least) and the swearing felt great.

    Took me about 10 minutes to calm down and not see red anymore.

    I just had to get that off my chest.

    I just can't believe that with so much noise, so obvious, they STILL came into my lane.

  2. glad you're ok!
  3. Start booting his door. See if he hears that :D

    Just spit balling here, you had the girly intuition going on, why didn't you slow down a bit? OR hit the gas and merge right?

    Sydney drivers are nutz at the best of times. I suppose there wasn't room for the latter and the guy behind would have kept on driving had you started to slow down...
  4. maybe my pic didn't depict it enough, car behind me was fairly close, car to the right and car infront to the right didn't have a gap i felt safe enough to squeeze into.

    i really didn't have anywhere to go, and didn't feel i could do anything at 70k's an hour.

    just a crazy situation. f*ucking farktard deaf douchebag

    edit: don't wanna kick or touch their car in case they then call the cops etc. i know, silly of me, but i wish i had tapped his mirror or window etc with a good boot
  5. So, you chill in people's blindspots and you reckon that's cool? Then when shit goes down you get on the horn instead of the throttle? Shit, you've even drawn a picture of you sitting in the bloke's blindspot. They always do that shit at merging points, especially luxury cars (they're fidgety). Why would you not just punch it, clear him and get back in front or split across and clear the pack?
  6. not in his blind spot. if i looked to my left, i would be looking directly at him.
  7. Geez, Glad you're OK
    I can see why you got on the horn, but 1 week in Sydney and i heard more horns than anything else. After a while, you just become immune to them (including one for not running a red light, that had been red for nearly a minute! go figure 8-[)
    But yeah, it pisses you off. Try not to get too stressed out about it, they don't! so you're only hurting yourself
  8. Having driven in Sydney traffic, I thought this might have been the case. Braking space seems to be optional there.

    Maybe you need to learn the wheelie and merge trick ;) :D Gets you into those real tight spots :D

    Its probably good that you didn't. The dudes in a merc. Either he's a lawyer, or he's got his lawyer on speed dial. And i'll guarentee you that he pays his lawyer more in a week than you get in a year.
  9. Ah, my bad brosefalator. Release the rage then. Toot tooting is weak and they sense it. It's fun too, I like getting right up next to their window and giving them the fear. Bikies are violent, you know. I saw a doco about them on ACA.
  10. my reaction would of been the boot immediatly followed by a lane split to get away to be honest. At around 200bucks a panel to fix the dents and those flash electric colour coded mirrors over the $100 mark Im pretty sure prior vehicles who have copped this treatment from me are more considerate of bike riders in the future (or perhaps they swung the other way into homicidal bike haters dunno lol, didnt hang around to find out either)

    Usually when somthing bad happens to me I find myself fumbling with the starter button rather than the horn due to habit lol, Although to be honest Ive yet to see any kind of reaction by a cager to my horn, perhaps they just arnt loud enough to hear over their music etc so I really wouldnt place too much reliance on a horn alerting somebody who is already in a world of their own
  11. farking @rsehole deaf cage fvckers... Hire Car drivers are the worst, how much is a stateman door panel Prawns?
  12. Holls I love ya long time, and boy.racer sheets me, but just this once I think he has a point. Two options there, when you noticed that dickwadd was looking like he might come over - BEFORE the end of the unbroken line. Either roll off a bit and start to make a gap in front of you, because you just KNOW what this idiot is about to do, or give it a blip and shoot right up behind the car in front so dickwadd can NOT fail to see you. Your pathetic little mc horn probably didn't register over Mativani Magic, or John Laws 50 gloden great moments in Aus radio. I bet you he had a mobile phone to his ear - his right ear.

    Don't kick car doors. Just don't.
  13. Two words:
    Air Horn.

    Sure: you'll be deaf afterwards....but so will he.
  14. tl;dr.
  15. I dont know.

    Bump his door and make it look like an accident, whats his lawyer going to do especially when lower has a witness (so long as she has a witness). As Lower says she had nowhere to go, an accidental bump could have earned her a nice pay day :).......just act injured :p Probably do a better job than this guy :p

  17. Well, yeah, but so what? It's better to be silly but alive than right but dead.
    Which in this instance would mean the two space invaders would tangle with each other, which would be their problem and not yours.

    That diagram with the red and white checks is a good one. My personal rule for traffic - and this goes for driving a car as well as riding a bike - is that my front wheel is in line with his or forward of it, or I am behind him, such that if he suddenly comes over, there will be a small gap between us. It may only be a metre, but I drift back and leave room for an overlap.

    I'm a pretty fast aggressive rider (by some standards) but I'm also a very defensive rider. Cars depend on each other to obey some basic rules. On a bike, you can't afford that luxury. By default you operate on that basis, because the revenue collectors will pick on you otherwise, but at the fist sign of a sniffle or a potential moment of heightened awareness, you do what you need to do to make yourself safe - road rules be damned! This is the difference between a license test and the real world.
  18. Glad your OK Holly. (love the images btw... especially the descriptions of the car/driver :) ). Pity you didn't have a camera running. Getting that kind of sh1t on video would be a nice start to getting them to take some responsibility.
  19. i couldn't lane split - harbour bridge lanes are narrow.

    i couldn't really move forward or back much due to two cars.

    i wouldn't kick car doors - ever. obviously.

    and he wasn't on the phone.

    kneedragon, please read all my responses/my first post prior to posting.

    i did NOT have anywhere to go, and yes, i'm a fast and quick reactioned filterer, i can flick this bike around almost as well as i could my kawasaki. i just had no options this time. try riding over the harbour bridge one time, and then you might understand.
  20. You were in the DEATH SPOT.

    It's like a blind spot but even more dangerous and creepy music starts playing when you enter it.