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yeah, baby!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by twainharte, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. :shock: :grin: omg, omg, omg!

    for the fella's on here:




    sorry, dudes. these were taken in cali, recently.
  2. Very tidy :applause:
  3. wtf! i thought its a cop bike :LOL:

    second look, pretty.... =P~ yeah baby
  4. +1
  5. Man she's a babe......hope she's of legal age or the Ninja is going to the slammer.
  6. Ive never really wanted to be a fuel tank before but after seeing that, it would have its perks........
  7. pssst!

  8. Jailbait? whats that? :wink:
  9. Any discussion about squids has just been rendered irrelevant. Noice!
  10. Fuel tank :? Id much rather resemble the seat :LOL:
  11. nice legs, tho a bit stupid, half squid?
  12. hmmmm....
  13. She almost makes the GPX/GPZ look good.
  14. And I'll be her underpants. :grin:
  15. Sexy sexy sexy...

    Shame theres no zoom.

    What does all that fine print say? Its too small dammit!
  16. But beggers cant be choosers!! Id be happy with the tank! :grin:
  17. That she is a hot dumb yank. Not in oz.