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Yeah Baby!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by cougs, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Crappy photo but no time for artsy shots when there is serious riding to be done! Will get some decent shots at some stage soonish

    2007 Harley Davidson Night Rod 1130cc

    Clicked over 6000km as i rode it home - I previous owner

    Plenty of bling - wheels, bars, exhaust (with power commander & filter fitted), extra chrome, Brembo brakes etc etc

    128hp on dyno

    Rides & handles beautiful (for a cruiser) but needs respect from the rider.

    Have to get used to not needing all of the gears in the box!




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  2. Not normally a big fan of HDs, but that bike looks HOT. Congrats mate, you must be chuffed.
  3. did you get a new boat as well?
  4. Cool bike.
    Loving the pushie with fairings on, in the background :)
  5. Congrats from S & B looks real nice in that photo, should bring it to the rides and park it next the the Max...............Nice !!!! :)

    Cheers B
  6. Never been much of a fan of Harleys, but that looks awesome.
  7. Nice work, Cougs. Not quite my scene but still quite impressive. 128 rwhp will focus your attention a little bit.