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Yea today 08 July 2006 with the Wizud and Unusual suspects

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by G, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. Knowing that going on the Icicle ride would wholly freak me out, I took up Scumbag and Wizud's offer of a cruise up to Yea for lunch.
    First met up with Scumbag and NeonBoy whose new beasty has a great exhaust note particularly when on song. Next stop the Grand Hotal in Yarra Glen. I've often seen bikers there, but never dropped in. Great coffee. There we were joined by Wizud and his band of merry men, Cejay, Zeldagirl and her friends.
    After having tanked up we took the Yarra Track through to Healesville and then left at the RACV Club and up the Chum Creek Road. This road is less mossy than the Myers Creek road atm.
    Turned right at the Melba Hwy and on to Glenburn.
    Having ridden alot on race tracks since I last traversed this road, I realised that this has many bumps and could conceivably be classed as a goat track. Nonetheless, it has some fast open sweepers and I was reminded that my suspension is set up for the track and higher speed work.
    Next it was right at Flowerdale-ish and over the top and down again into what I like to think of as the corkscrew towards Yea.
    We arrvied in Yea at 10 and headed staright to the Bakery. The service was spritely and the food good.
    After lunch we bid ZeldaGirl and her friend goodbye and headed towards Seymour for about 10 km before turning off towards Strath Creek. Then turned left and back towards Flowerdale. Another fast sweeping section where the pace picked up somewhat.
    At Flowerdale we turned left and headed back to Kinglake West and then Whittlesea. This has to be one of my favourite pieces of road. Notably, the speed limit seems to have been dropped to 90kmph in some sections.
    Fueling up in Whittlesea, general consensus was that we should head cross country via Arthur's Creek and Panton Hill towards Warrandyte before going our separate ways.
    Thanks all for a great ride.

  2. Thanks for the report G. Yes I was one of the suspects. Somehow I was drafted as the ride leader, no real problems there. As G mentioned we headed our way around and up and through. was a good day, some of the roads were a little wet but nothing that could not be handled with a little gentler wrist twising. The road to Flowerdale and Strath Creek was despatched with aplomb and vigour. Lots of fun. Then finding the back way through to Panton Hill and back to home, slowly losing riders as they went their own merry way. A good day I had and enjoyed it thoroughly.
    Thks to all the participants who made it a good one and safe riding to all.
  3. Oh yeah, Neon Boy's (VtrElmarco) Aprlia sounds the goods.

    Even if it is YELLOW
  4. Great write up G!

    Yes, that road is a bit of a goat track. If goats are your thing, there's another particularly good example out Molesworth way...Personally never been a fan of goats, not as fluffy as sheep.. :p

    First off, arriving at The Grand I had to park 6 miles away, there was that many bikes parked outside of the Hotel. Walking towards the pub, I wondered were Scumbag was. Never fear, just use your ear. For those that do not know Brian, he has a particularly loud and infectious laugh. I defy anyone not to a.)notice it and b.)not join in when you hear it!

    Short cut to when we leave Yea...

    After leaving Yea (Yay!) after lunch, it was decided to proceed at a leisurely pace towards Strath Creek. Which was duly dispatched very very quickly! At the Strath Creek milkbar we turned back towards Flowerdale.

    Having reset the suspension on the Blade to the settings used by 'Rider' magazine in the UK, I was keen for Mr Scumbag to observe the changes (after his recent notes about how it looked a couple of weeks back). To do that, I had to go past him. That meant, well, er, maybe riding just a tad over the limit..! I only realised how fast we were going when we went past some guys in one of the paddocks who were suitably unimpressed as we sped (gingerly) past. I can confirm that those settings are very very good and coupled with a brand spanking new front Pilot Power, all was good in the World of Cejay. All I need now is a nice new Pilot Power rear tyre and I will be one very happy person.

    The trip back from Whittlesea..Wow, what a road. Absolutely fanbluddytastic.

    Great day, great ride, great people, looking forward to the next one.

    Photos' are here
  5. Fair enough - your turns to skite :? Glad a grand day was had by all :)

    Next ride? July 30th sounds good to me ............. :wink:
  6. It was a tops as ride and I met some tops as people.

    Tops as coffee was had at Yarra Glen.
    (Now that I ride an Italian bike I can become a pretentious bastard about the quality of my coffee :LOL: )

    Ably led by Scumbag and the rear was lovingly brought up by Brother G.

    Despite the gloomy weather, there were tonnes of bikes out and about.

    Tops AS!