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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fishpost19, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. Got my P's today! Here I was worrying about getting points for doing things wrong, and I passed with 0 points - I am rapt. I did everything perfect. One guy travelled all the way from Sydney to Nowra/Bomaderry on a Honda Rebel 250 and failed cause it was a long cruiser bike and he had trouble in the cone weave. At least he only has to do the MOST not the Pre-provisional all over again.

    The sports bikes had some trouble with low speed maneuvering. Two other guys and myself on trail bikes did it no problems. One guy in his 50's? tried on a ZZR250 but wasn't too good at low speed maneuvering, so ended up leaving before the test so he could go back and try the test another time after some practice. The poor guy had boots with a bigger than normal heel, and he got the heel stuck on the brake lever and dropped the bike at the lights (felt sorry for him, we all hurried to help him up). The instructor didn't really care as no-one got hurt, we just helped him up then got back to riding back to the training centre. Luckily Nowra on a Sunday was nowhere near as bad as the traffic in Sydney, and we were already in the left lane. Overall, I had a great time, much more fun than the Learner course, as we did some road riding. I won't be needing L plates any more. Well, not for my bike anyway. Provisional car license is next on the list...
  2. congrats mate :grin:

    cant wait till i actually end up buying a bike so i can get some practice in, then im up for the Ps :)
  3. congrats fishpost.
  4. Congrats on passing :grin:
  5. Well done mate!

    I know I would have been stuffed doing my test on my zxr, they are very top heavy and have a big turning circle. I took the test on the cb250 they had there and could almost stop and balance on the spot they were that easy.

    I couldn't insist more learning on a sports and being tested on a cb250 or similar.
  6. congrats mate :grin:

    I got mine today also though I lost 5 points :roll: lost em on the first exercise then done the next four exercises and lost 0 :p stoked.......
  7. Congrats mate. Do you guys do all/part of your test out on the roads and not in a training centre?
  8. Well done fishpost :)
  9. Good on you Fishpost :grin: