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yay! wheelies!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Riding to work this morning, I pull up at a set of lights on North Tce in peak hour traffic. for those who don't know, North Tce is one of the main roads through the middle of the city.

    Anyway some lady had just cut me off so I was a bit annoyed. And as you do when you're annoyed, I took off from the lights & gave the bike a LOT of beans. A severe twist of the wrist.

    I feel all the weight leave the front & head to the back (as you'd expect with acceleration, normal weight transfer). Then i pull the clutch in to change to 2nd gear. At that point I feel the 'thud' of the front tyre hit the ground, and the bike gives me a little wobble'.

    I momentarily crap myself as I think I'm about to lose the bike, but it stabalises after one wobble. Thats when the grin started - I realised that the wobble was caused by the front wheel coming down...meaning it had been UP!!

    WOOT! I just popped my first ever power wheelie on my bike! It was up for approx 3 seconds at a guess, sounds short but try counting it in your head. I have always been afraid to TRY to wheelie cause I've been worried I'd crash my beautiful motorcyle. And here I am, pulling wheelies without even trying, in peak hour, on a main rd, on the way to work in the morning :)

    Now I know I posted a previous thread ages ago saying i did a 'bunny hop', but that doesnt count cause it was done by hitting a bump in the road.

    Wheelies kick arse!
  2. lol. congrats. great feeling when you realise things arent as they are meant to be cause the wheel is lofted.

    my first 2 wheelies on the SV i will always remember.

    first one, coming out of a roundabout where 2 lanes merge into 1, commodore tried to take me up the inside and merge on me, second gear, throttle stop, bike stands up and lifts the front wheel. nothign flash but iknew what had happened.

    second one, stopped at a set of lights, not much traffic, 1 car behind me, one car next to me so i bumped it into neutral. light n other direction goes red so i drop it into first and give it a few revs to take off when the right hand turn arrow goes green so im stopped. drop into neutral, and forget ive dropped it out of gear. corner arrow goes orange... red, i give it a few revs, go to disengage the clutch and go nowhere.. FARK! no gear! bang it into first, few more revs and drop the clutch HOLY CRAP!!! one side of the intersection to the other im sitting on top of the world looking over the car next to me by feet, get to the other side of the intersection, i change gears, bike drops to the ground due to loss of power and my nuts get squashed right into the tank. 3rd day of having the SV. welcome to owning a big bike thankyou very much hahaha.

    its an awesome feeling, till your about to hit the ground.
  3. can cbr250's do wheelies??... L's :p
  4. This thread epitomises NR. :LOL:

    Nice one.
  5. Or the unmarked cop car behind you impounds your bike for being such a dangerous, baby-killing, HOON ;).
  6. sure. look up the "crap wheelies" thread. you'll find all you need to know in there :)

    the across used to do them okay. bike moving real slow, clutch in, lots and lots of revs, release clutch and give the bars a yank used to get a foot off the ground! awesome crap wheelies!
  7. all day long..... :cool:
  8. Maddog!
  9. Looks like I'll be picking up a Bandit 1200 in the next couple of days, and given that they were very popular with stuntaz when they came out...
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. F*cken hoon.
  12. What kind of example is that to set for baby jebuzz???!?!?! :LOL:

    Rock n roll Edge! [​IMG]
  13. just trying to live up to your example, my maniac friend :LOL:
  14. Gday evabody.first post .new member blah blah..
    I did a similar thing the first day i picked up my zx9 last week.rolled the wrist a bit much off at the lights and up came the wheel.only I still had the rear brake covered so the angle of the bike when it went up forced my foot down on the brake.The front came down with almost enough force to put the wheel through the headlight.Wheelie none the less tho.Tops! :p
  15. baby heyzeus loves monos

    hornets just love to tease you into being silly
  16. 3 seconds, damn that could be a pretty long wheelie.

    But good work on the accidental wheelie.
  18. I have to jump off the rev limiter and pop the clutch in order to do one lol :p
  19. most I can get out of my across is a little bunny hop, makes me look like a looney tunes cartoon character. :(