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Yay ! Sydney redlight cameras are like the ones in the ACT !! . . .

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. In previous years a trip to our nations capital also meant the possibility of getting a speeding ticket from running an amber light at locations where there are red-light traffic cameras.

    Well, as from today, us Sydneysiders need to be aware that there are 50 red light cameras which also act as speeding cameras in the metro area !!


    Thought i'd give everyone a heads up ! :)
  2. Yes these things are popping up everywhere. It looks like every single red light camera will eventually be replaced with one of those ****suckers.

    I've also noticed that they are installing heaps of other smaller cameras in the same intersections, I'm guessing to catch people from vandalising the safety cams.

    I hate this so much, it just opens the door for virtually limitless big brother crap to come in. Now that they aren't called speed cameras they don't need to conform to any of the rules that relate to speed cameras such as the good old 3 warning signs etc. How long before they integrate them to automatically scan all plates to check for unregistered/stolen/defected/p plater out of curfew/owner has a warrant against him/noise sensors etc.

    Not to mention the ramifications of how its going to make people drive.. People are histerical enough when theres a red light camera, now they know the only option when they see an orange light with a safety cam (and the sign is at the last possible moment) is to e-brake regardless of whether theres a semi or a bike etc behind them.

  3. +1 about the e-brake.
    Had that happen to me the other day. Light turned amber on a safety cam intersection and the guy infront of me locked up his tyres and skidded to a stop just before the line, slightly sideways.
    Luckily I keep good following distances, and knew a camera was coming up.
  4. LOL.

    There is no such thing as running an amber light. You are running a red light.

    If you cannot stop when a light turns amber you can proceed through the intersection. If you can, you should stop. It is really that simple. I don't know why people have any trouble with that concept.


  5. To be fair, if someone decides to stop for ANY reason and the car behind him can't stop in time… that person was following too closely.
  6. and by default is at fault.
  7. Fair enough, but turn it around. YOU'RE the person on the bike in front and the 'tard behind you is following too closely, light changes to amber , what do you DO?

    This is the fundamental problem with 'safety cameras', they have no discretion. If you get a ticket there's NO WAY you'll be able to fight it based on the above.
  8. Actually, try from nearly 1 month ago, these camera's became live, before that they were on trial.

    There is supposedly only 4 working at permanent sites, with a couple more being moved around at the moment.

    Interesting thing with the rta link there, at least one, if not more, of those initial 50 safety cam sites, does not currently have any type of camera there.

    There is also a thread running here on this topic https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=109364
  9. It's all good and well to approach it from a textbook point of view but the reality of sydney roads is you can't keep a safe gap because someone will cut in and fill the space every time. If everyone else is bumper to bumper and you keep a safe gap that usually places you in the blind spot of the car next to you in the next lane(s).

    I reckon there'll be some horrendous crashes involving trucks coming our way especially during the teething period.
  10. bugger this... I'm gonna start heading for the very edge of the lane every time i need to stop at one of these things!
  11. FFS. You can go through the amber, just don't break the speed limit while you are doing it. Easy.
  12. Thanks for that.

    Just noticed I've been flying thru some of those intersections at 20km/hr + limit. :shock:

    The sneaky thing is how the warning sign is "Safety Camera", with no mention of speed or red camera ahead. :furious:
  13. Yeah they claim there is no legislation for them to even have to place signs for a safety camera, would love to see them arguing against a lawyer in court that its not a speed camera infringement but a safety camera
  14. I am so ****ed...
  15. Hmm, the one at flushcombe/newton rd in blacktown hasn't been upgraded but the one on reservoir/gwh has. Haven't been out that way in a week but theres no safety cam signage on the great western highway, how does that one work? Do they still only get your speed in one direction (ie the one they're facing)?

    I've always put in a thought for other motorcyclists and wound it down for front on cameras but now I'm (and presumably everyone else is) just gonna have a field day with these.
  16. to check for unregistered/stolen/defected/p plater out of curfew/owner has a warrant against him/noise sensors etc

    and the problem with this is ..... ??

    Are YOU more likely to be rear-ended by John H Citizen on the way to work in his company car, or some jerk who is driving unregistered, for example, and doesn't give a toss what happens to his car or any around him because he can't afford to pay to fix your's anyway???
  17. shit shit shit are the two cameras in penrith activated yet???
  18. There is nothing on the list showing that penrith cameras are to be changed at the moment to safety cameras.
    Although , the list shows one on the cnr of great western hwy and charles hackett drive, st marys, which at this time, has no camera at all. This is the cnr where two people were drag racing and hit another car killing the occupants.
  19. oh good lol, i flew through one of them in the work car the other day trying to overtake a truck before it squished me =/
  20. Got a reply to a email about signage, just a standard form reply from the rta