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yay or nay?

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by ktm250exc2003, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. hey guys,
    so i found this bike on gumtree and for the price he is asking it is looking pretty good, but im a complete noob at motorbikes and have only been riding since mid last year, was wondering what you guys would think. does it look like a good deal, also how do i find out whether it is a stolen bike or not??


  2. wow ebay* -.-
  3. i just bought it , thanks for the tip
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  4. Of Course im not the Serious One
  5. Do a ravs check on the vin number.
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    Does that tell you anything about stolen status? I thought REVS only told you if it had finance owing on it. I don't think it even tells you if it's been written-off, that's a different check (called WOVR in WA, dunno about the eastern states).

    ETA: looks like the stolen vehicle database is called PPSR.
  7. well....the woman saw the thread title and immediately said nay....without knowing the question....and now has a red mark on her arm for being a fcuk and blowing into my armpit just to piss me off whilst typing...
    BEING MARRIED IS fcukING PAINFUL.....she keeps on laughing and saying CLAM CHOUDER ! and then trying to blow into my armpit again.

    now...to the point....if it's your first bike and have no mechanical knowledge - carby issues are something i'd steer clear of....in saying that altho I havn't had one(the bike in question that is - I've had a few old 250's in the past few years.) - most of these old 250's would be fairly bulletproof and cheap to get fixed compared to some of the newer or bigger bikes....

    i'd probably take it if I could haggle it down to 1k but other then that no.....that's just me personally....and I can't park a bike properly so take my advice lightly.
  8. Revs aka iRego whatever BS they call it now does it all... for the low low price now of $9. I would visit the bike first and confirm the VIN + Engine match what the owner has listed before wasting time checking those details.

    Some questions for you
    • How much experience do you have?
    • Do you like Full Fairing bikes or Naked?
    • Is this going to be your daily ride or a "on the weekend" thing
    • How much are you looking at spending?
  9. Hmmmm,........ take someone with you that knows bikes,
    it looks a bit too tidy for me, considering the year and mileage........I'd be checking for possible prang damage........covered up
    Oh, and fork seals will cost you about $250 to get fixed unless you've got a mate,,,