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Yay! Now Officially in the hunt for the upgrade bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BalmyBrowny, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Woohoo. after lots of impatience on my part have finally got some money to upgrade :grin: but also due to other happenings. i.e. new baby on the way :shock: :cool: will also be trading in the zzr as well instead of keeping it for future mrs balmy.

    so my budget is 6K plus ZZR250. So many options! Plan on riding heaps of bikes to see what fits me and my wants/needs best. have already taken a FZ6 for a spin and keen to try out the sports and sports/tourers as i prefer faired bikes.

    Bring on the days off (and when the bike shops are open! ) so i can take a few for a blat :biker:
  2. Well Done!

    On having a new baby AND getting a new bike!

    It seems every time I am looking to upgrade I end up with another kid instead! (4th on the way this November)

    I think it is a conspiracy!

    6 grand + should get you something good
  3. You cunning bugger!

    You get the missus interested in bikes, then you knock he rup so she wont ride one for a while and you get to use the toofiddy as a trade in!!! :applause:

    I takes me hat off to you sir.. :LOL:
  4. definitely wasn't intentional!!! he he. but now i get to buy a bike for me instead of a shared bike. so opens up all the avenues again :cool:
  5. You get hold of that guy I sent you details of?
  6. only sent sms tonight. so will see from there. saw a red and black one on tradingpost website. they look pretty awesome in those colours :) still not sure about a naked bike bu will ride one and see how i feel after that ;)