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Yay no more L plate...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by PilgriM, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Woohoo...

    Did the licence course at HART in Kilsyth today & no more bloody L plate required...

    Now just another year till 0 blood alcohol & till I can start looking around at a possible bike upgrade..
  2. Congratulations.
  3. Well done. You're bike is schmick should keep you more than happy for the next year and hope by then the prices of the sx you are after have gone south.
  4. Congrats, I do mine next Wednesday.
  5. Well done pilgrim.
  6. Congrats!
    Good feeling huh?
  7. Is good to get past it, although I did find, as a few people told me, it was far less stressful than the L's test...
  8. It should be less stressful; by this time you should have learned to ride and the test is just a check to ensure that you can.

    The L's test on the other hand is challenging because you need to learn a new skill and demonstrate it..
  9. Really the license test is easier than the L's because there's no slow ride in the test which is what someone first up on a bike could wobble through.
    They're both fairly easy and only thing that would stop someone is nerves of some sort.

    Only thing that changes after the license test is you don't wear L's and you're now 12 months from your dream bike....
    But more importantly, the learning never stops..

    Stay safe and enjoy.
  10. congrats bud :)
  11. yeah congrats... Only 365 days til that upgrade :D
  12. 78 days for me... but who's counting...hehe
  13. My bike put's a smile on my dial each time I ride it. Let's not forget these bikes only until 2 years ago were non lams and people off their 250 restrictions used to upgrade to gs500/cb400's as their long term keeper bikes. How times change.
  14. So True...
    But I'm more excited about the different style of bike I'm getting rather than the hp...
    And will most likely get the 650 version that comes with ABS rather than the 1000 that's not available with ABS...
  15. Because the cc bar has risen we are now spoiled for choice with the vast array of LAMS availabilities. I can understand your excitement and good on you. If I was you I'd get the 1000 but it not having abs and the 650 having it would then direct me back to the 650. I've used abs on a few occasions when in the past week riding to SA and back wildlife suddenly rushed out or when I over shot an intersection and knowing you can squeeze as hard as you want without fearing front wheel lock up or slide is a powerful arsenal to have.
  16. Congrats!!... learn all you can prior to getting that upgrade bike!!... =D>
  17. Agree with you Joe, I'm looking at the BMW F800 for my next bike (finance permitting).
    Nice and solid, lots of torque, good for touring I hear.
  18. Grats mate!=D> I'm doing my test Jan 30 at HART Somerton, and very much looking forward to ditching the L's. See you for a beer in a year :beer:
  19. Congrats, I gave my yellow tag the flick about two weeks ago. I was surprised by the skills (or lack thereof) of some riders that went for it. Stalling the bike, couldn't make a u-turn. Wondering if some actually do ride after getting the L before going for the full.
    Just goes to show the system needs a change.
  20. Yeah I noticed some of the people there seemed pretty in-experienced, one of them was doing a slow turn when trying to swerve, didn't seem to have ever understood the concept of how to counter steer.

    Despite only having done a little over 3 months on my L's I covered over 2500ks in that time, in heavy traffic, rain in the hills plus a few Saturday practice sessions, so the test itself wasen't too hard, frankly it should be a little harder I would think..

    But I still understand that I am just at the start of the learning curve, my slow riding needs work & I am still trying to get my corners & throttle control smoother, I reckon this riding caper would get boring if you ever stopped learning, looking forward to a lifetime of it :)