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Yay me. I just bought a bike :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bogus69, May 19, 2005.

  1. I'm the proud owner of a very well looked after 2002 VTR250.
    I can'r wait to build up my confidence on it to a level of being able to come out on rides. Not to mention ride to work instead of taking the pushie and train.

  2. Woot. Congrats. Be good to see you on rides. Coming to coffee tomorrow night?
  3. Not just yet.
    Let me settle into my bike a bit more b4 I venture into the city.
    It's got a new rear tyre too - so I want to wear that in
  4. well like glenn will say, go to coffee:p

    beat ya:p
  5. What a beautiful day to go for my 1st ride on my own bike.

    Just stopped in to take out the liner on my gear.
    I had some dude on a big red honda following me for a bit I guess he saw the J plate and was making sure I was OK. :D

    Right. I'm off back out there. Woooot
  6. Well done, they are a good bike. They will keep up with all the others OK.

    Just remember to keep those round black rubber things that go round and round, down and the painted bits up.

    Good luck.

  7. congrats :)

    enoy it, take it easy, but the only way to get your confidence up is by doing it :)
  8. Woo Hoo. Well Done

    Saw one of those the other day up close. Sharp looking bike. Enjoy and take it easy out there.

    Cheers 8)
  9. Good stuff! Today was a great day to be out and about on the bike, wasn't it?!
  10. Good choice of bike...What colour?
    See ya on a ride soon, plenty of learner rides to come on...even todays ride to Arthur Seat would have been a good one for you.

  11. Congrats Bogus69
  12. Nike is the best way to build your confidence Just Do It! I was the biggest nervous nellie this forum has ever seen but little by little I'm getting better. Just ride within your limits & as you get more confident your boundaries will expand!
    Congrats on the bike!
  13. Congratulations on your new arrival!!!
    The buzz is exilareting, just be carefull and enjoy it!
  14. Congratulations and well done on your first ride. You picked a really nice day for it as well.

  15. Don't laugh....
    It's yellow. But I like yellow. My 1st car was a yellow mini :)
    Road to work today and apart from getting a bit lost on the way it was all good.